At NAMM 2010, Renkus-Heinz was All Over the Place

Main Lobby Stage

Anaheim, CA | January, 2010 - Despite the doom and gloom predictions of economic woes, NAMM 2010 was by all accounts a rousing success, with record attendance and upbeat crowds. And it seemed like everywhere you turned at the show, Renkus-Heinz was there.

Reprising last year’s triumphant debut, a full IC Live system once again greeted attendees at the lobby’s center stage, hosting a full program of performances that got the crowd pumped up even before they entered the show floor. Among the lobby stage’s many highlights was a surprise rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by rock stalwart Ted Nugent.

This year a second IC Live system held forth at the nearby Anaheim Garden Walk, keeping NAMM guests entertained during lunch and dinner breaks as well. As with last year’s show, a wide range of musical guests from acoustic and world music to full-on rock helped to showcase IC Live’s power and versatility.

“Based on the reception the IC Live received at last year’s NAMM show, it was really a no-brainer to do it again this year,” remarked Renkus-Heinz Marketing Manager Margie Ulm. “NAMM is the perfect venue for showcasing the power of IC Live. These are people who love all kinds of music, and who truly appreciate a great sounding system.”

Garden Walk Stage

Elsewhere at the show, live sound guru Doug Fowler conducted a free Live Sound Measurement seminar on Advancing with SysTune, enlightening engineers and end users on using the latest noise rejection algorithms and real-time multi-channel measurements to achieve fast and accurate results in tuning their systems. And Renkus-Heinz Sr. VP of Engineering Ralph Heinz joined with JBL’s David Scheirman in a panel discussion on the Hows and Whys of Line Arrays, dispelling popular myths and misconceptions and covering easy-to-use techniques for getting the most out of line array technology.

Renkus-Heinz’s annual International Sales Conference was a well-attended success again this year, with the award for US Rep of the Year presented to Maryland-based Taub Sales.

And no NAMM Convention would be complete without the hottest event of the year, the annual Coffin Case party and Fashion Show. FOH engineer Toby Francis (Guns N’ Roses) mixed an all-star lineup of bands including The Iron Maidens, Thundherstruck and Riot Brides, rocking out on a powerful Renkus-Heinz line array system of ten VerSys VLX3 boxes and eight DR-18-2 dual-18-inch subwoofers. Onstage monitoring was courtesy of Sygma SG121-52R powered monitors. Renkus-Heinz engineer Jonas Domkus tuned the system using SysTune technology. Needless to say, a splendid time was had by all.