Beam Steering

Beam Steering

Renkus-Heinz has led the field in Beam Steerable loudspeakers since the introduction of Iconyx in 2004. This concept has been around since the ‘60s, however todays advancements in DSP and amplifier technology allow the theory to be realized in practical cost effective loudspeakers that are being used in the most demanding applications worldwide.

Introducing Iconyx Gen5
The Iconyx Experience Video

RHAON Beamware Software

Beam Steering technology allows Iconyx, IC Live and IC2 loudspeakers to tightly control the sound and place it just where it's needed, on the audience, while keeping it away from other surfaces that may cause echoes and reverberation. Intelligibility is the key, and Renkus-Heinz Iconyx ensures every listener receives the best sound possible.

A simple, intuitive, interface to a complicated mathematical process our RHAON & Beamware software allows the designer to create multiple beams of sound, tailored to the room in question. Powerful FIR coefficients are calculated and downloaded into the loudspeaker's amplifier module turning the designed beams into reality. Inside the loudspeaker amplifier module each driver has it's own amplifier and DSP channel which, when loaded with the FIR filters, EQ and Delay, create the steerable beams.

To find out how it works in more detail here's our Iconyx Whitepaper explaining the concept, the mathematics and the practical applications of Iconyx Beam Steering technology.

Of course, designing loudspeakers into a room isn't all about acoustics but also about aesthetics.

As we're steering the sound, not the loudspeaker, Iconyx can all be mounted flat to the wall with no vertical angling. Add to this their tall, thin size, and the available custom color paint option and they blend seamlessly into many environments.

Beam Steering is a flexible, powerful solution that meets the needs of sound system designers and architects alike. No longer is there a compromise between sound quality and visual appeal!