C Series

C Series

CX and CA Series
High-Performance Solutions for Install Applications

Building on the success of the popular CFX Series, Renkus-Heinz is introducing an improved installation series, the CX Series. Drawing from years of experience and industry leading Technologies like Complex Conic WaveGuides, C Series provides outstanding performance at a competitive price point.

Externally powered CX models include a high quality passive crossover network which can be easily bypassed with an internal jumper for bi-amplified operation. CX models can be field upgraded to self-powered CA, using proprietary, purpose designed Renkus-Heinz SA amplifiers.

CA Series
Come equipped with the advanced SA series power amplifiers, featuring optional RHAON Network Control, Dante, and Fiber Optic inputs. With these features, all CA models are compatible with all other self-powered Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers, including the renowned Renkus-Heinz steerable columns.

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Renkus-Heinz Loudspeakers Fill the  Box-T Bar and Café with Natural Sound
Renkus-Heinz Loudspeakers Fill the Box-T Bar and Café with Natural Sound

Nicosia, Cyprus | October, 2018 - The new Renkus-Heinz system has been everything the Box-T management hoped for and more. "Renkus-Heinz C-series loudspeakers were definitely the right choice for the Box-T." "Every type of music sounds natural and full, and spoken word is clear and intelligible, and the wide horizontal dispersion pattern provides excellent coverage throughout the space, including outdoors. The client is very happy with their Renkus-Heinz system, as we knew they would be." Vassos Mouzouras,V Hypersound & Light Managing Director

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