Introducing the Modular Point Source Array

Designed for power, portability and versatility, the CFX101LA from Renkus-Heinz is the ideal solution for today's small and mid-sized venues, including auditoria, night clubs, theaters and houses of worship. With the flexibility to be flown, ground-stacked or pole-mounted, the CFX101LA delivers the performance and pattern control of a line array, with the clarity of a point source system, in a compact, sleek and affordable design that's equally at home as a portable system or a permanent installation.

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Up to four CF101LA and CFX101LA cabinets can be arrayed to provide a 90x60 degree coverage pattern, delivering up to 9 dB more output and tighter vertical pattern control than a conventional single cabinet. Traditional line arrays require two or three times as many cabinets to provide the same range of coverage.

Alone or combined with the CF15S and CFX15S subwoofer, the CF101LA and CFX101LA can be flown, ground-stacked, or pole-mounted, or used as a center cluster to complement an existing left-right system, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of installed or portable sound needs.


CF101LA & CFX101LA Point Source Array Modules have been designed with your need for flexibility in mind.

An array module can be used as a stand-alone loudspeaker or as an array module in ground stacked, pole mounted, or flown point source line array systems. In flown arrays they can be mounted beneath their companion subwoofers.
or suspended using either M10 eyebolts or a frame.

Self-powered array modules are equipped with a Class D digital amplifier, either with or without RHAON, or with a RHAON equipped Class D Bi-amplifier.

Suited equally to fixed installation or portable applications each array module offers a consistent 90 degree horizontal and tight 15 degree vertical coverage.

Neodymium magnets on the single 10" Low Frequency woofer and dual 1" High Frequency compression drivers provide the ideal balance of power and portability, while the revolutionary performance of the Tuned Conic Diverter waveguide ensures the smoothest possible transition between cabinets.

CF101LA & CFX101LA Modular Point Source Arrays are true point source arrayable systems offering the benefits of both line and point source arrays.

Key Features

• Dual 1” HF Drivers, High Power 10” Woofer
• 60 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Range
• 128 dB Peak SPL Rating
• 500 W @ 8 Ohms Power Rating
• Exclusive Tuned Conic Diverter
• Tight Pattern Control
• Reliable, Easy-To-Use Hardware
• Flexible Input Configurations
• RHAON Ready

Technical Information

Sensitivity: CFX101LA
96 dB (1W/1m)
Max SPL: 126 dB peak
Dispersion: 90° Horizontal, 15° Vertical
Freq. Response: 60 Hz to 20 kHz
HF Driver: Two 1” SSDCDXI-1730-8 HF Neodymium drivers; 75 W RMS @ 8 Ohms, 150 W Pgm each
LF Driver: 10” Neodymium woofer, model SSL10-10, 250 W RMS @ 4 Ohms, 500 W Pgm
Crossover: 1700 Hz
Enclosure: Multi-ply hardwood, perforated metal grille
Power: CFX101LA
500 W Pgm @ 4 Ohms
Controls: Array balancing
Connectors: Neutrik 4-pin Speakon style connectors, Screw terminals
Finish: Black or white
Hardware: Four Metric M10 attachment points
Multi-angle pole socket
Associated Hardware: RHANG101LA flybar
POLE-CF101 mounting pole
Dimensions: 13" H x 23 3/4" W x 15" D
(33 cm x 60.3 cm x 38.1 cm)
Weight: CFX101LA
42.5 Lbs (19.3 kg) Net
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ViewWeather Resistant OptionCFX101LAWeather Resistant Option

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Part #Description
RHANG-101LAFlybar for CF(X)101-LA
CF101-GS-7.5Ground Stack adapters to mount CF/CFX101LA to CF/CFX15S at -7.5 degrees- sold as a pair
QUICKPIN-2.5Quick Release Pin for CF101LA Flying Hardware
WE0004M10 eyebolts
WR-CFX101LAWeather Resistant option for non-powered CFX101LA cabinets
POLE-CF101Extending pole support for CF(X)15S and CF(X)101-LA