Direct Radiating Subwoofers

Cutting edge high-power woofers and large rock-solid enclosures in a classic vented direct radiating design provide the natural uncolored sub bass favored by audio professionals around the world.

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Wherever audiences and operators demand the ultimate in sub bass performance, the DR18-1R and DRS18-1B subwoofers deliver the emotional impact obtainable only from 18 inch subwoofers. All DR18-1R subwoofers are RHAON empowered for flexible analog and digital signal distribution and loudspeaker management and control over a standard Ethernet network.

DR18-1R Self-Powered 18-inch Subwoofers with integral PM-1LR amplifier and loudspeaker specific signal processing and protection also include RHAON for flexible digital signal distribution, loudspeaker management and control.

DRS18-1B Non-Powered Subwoofers offer the same high performance as the self-powered DR18-1R series only externally powered.

• Powerful 18" Subwoofers
Provide high-impact, high-level (130 dB peak SPL on the DRS18-1B) sub-bass performance.

• High Power, High Performance Woofers
With long throw magnetic structures assure linear cone movement at all power levels.

• Great Versatility
All DR18-1R and DRS18-1B subwoofers are available in either portable or fixed installation versions in a wide choice of finishes. Weather resistant models are also available.


• Virtually any application where the visceral impact obtainable only from high power 18" subwoofers is required.

• Multi-channel A/V playback systems, live sound and music systems in clubs and disco's, performing art centers, theaters, houses of worship, etc.

• High quality speech and music systems, surround sound systems, board room systems, etc.

• A/V rentals, portable sound systems for performing artists and lecturers, small bands, choral groups, etc.

Technical Information

Sensitivity: DRS18-1B
98 dB (1 W/1m) @ 50 HZ
1.4 V (for rated power output)
Max SPL: DRS18-1B
127 dB program, 130 dB peak
127 dB program, 128.5 dB peak
Freq. Response: All Models32 Hz to 120 Hz
LF Drivers: DRS18-1B
Model SSL18-7, 18" cone woofer; 800 W program @ 8 ohms
Model SSL18-8, 18" cone woofer; 800 W program @ 4 ohms
Power: DRS18-1B
800 Watts program @ 8 Ohms
See PM-1LR amplifier specifications
Connectors: DRS18-1B
Looping Neutrik 4-pin connectors or screw terminals
See PM-1LR specifications
Enclosure: All Models13 ply hardwood, heavily braced, perforated metal
Finish: All ModelsBlack or white paint
Natural (unfinished)
Custom colors
Weather resistant
Hardware: All ModelsHandles
Metric M10 universal mounting hardware
PM3-WRKIT WR amplifier kit
Dimensions: All Models32 1/2" H x 21" W x 32" D
(82.6 cm x 53.3 cm x 81.3 cm)
Weight: DRS18-1B
140 Lbs. (63.5 kg)
178 Lbs. (81 kg)
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CUSTPNT4Custom Color paint (supply two color samples)
CASTERSKit of 4x Casters for DRS18-1B