EASE is the industry standard tool for acoustic modelling and system design and Renkus-Heinz have been close partners with it's creators, AFMG, since it's introduction.

Our EASE data is measured in high resolution in our engineering measurement facility, using a purpose designed and built robot that can pickup, rotate and measure all of the loudspeakers we offer today.

For more information, or to purchase EASE please contact AFMG directly at: EASE Website

To download EASE data for Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers please go to Downloads below.

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Please download our latest EASE data from the Download tab on this page.

For further information about the EASE program please contact AFMG directly:

Europe, Germany
Phone:  +49 30 467 092 30
USA & Canada
Phone: 855-411-2364 (toll free)
Other Countries
Phone:  +49 30 467 092 30

Or visit the EASE website.

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Asia Pacific’s Largest Outdoor Video Screen Relies on IC Live
Asia Pacific’s Largest Outdoor Video Screen Relies on IC Live

Hong Kong | April, 2018 - "It had to be a beam-steered column array and Renkus-Heinz IC Live is really the only one that can offer extended bass for the low frequency content." Ian Harris, President and Principal Consultant of ihD Ltd.

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FileDocument TypeModelsDescription
ViewEASE DataAll RH DataAll RH Loudspeaker Data
ViewEASE DataIconyx EASE DataEASE Data for ICONYX
ViewEASE DataEASE DataC Series EASE data
ViewEASE DataEASE DataT-Series EASE data
ViewEASE Focus II GLL & DLLEASE Focus II Data for PN102LA & STLA
ViewEASE Focus II GLL & DLLVARIAi DataEASE Data for VARIAi Products
ViewEASE Focus II GLL & DLLCF/CFX101LA DataEASE Data for CF/CFX101LA Products
ViewEASE Focus II GLL & DLLVARIA DataEASE Data for VARIA Products

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