Schematic Request

Schematic Request

Please provide the following information so we can expedite your request for schematics. We must have the PCB number, PCA number with revision number, loudspeaker model number, and serial numbers.

Schematic Request Form

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The PCB and PCA numbers are written on each amplifier circuit board. The model and serial numbers are on a small black and silver decal on the back of the speaker and amplifier. Some amplifier serial numbers are eight digits, others are ten digits.

Loudspeaker Model Number: PN102LA or SG121-52R
Amplifier Model Number: PM3 or PF2-500R
1 PCB Number: 722-PCBOO82
1 PCA Number: 700-PCA681 Rev F
Loudspeaker Serial Number: C85392
Amplifier Serial Number: 0208-2428 or 0621040110
Loudspeaker Model Number:
Amplifier Model Number:
1 PCB Number:
1 PCA Number:
2 PCB Number:
2 PCA Number:
3 PCB Number:
3 PCA Number:
4 PCB Number:
4 PCA Number:
5 PCB Number:
5 PCA Number:
Loudspeaker Serial Number:
Amplifier Serial Number:

Thank you for your information, we will follow-up with you soon.