Good Times Roll at Grasshopper off the Green with Renkus-Heinz Distributed Sound System

Morristown, NJ | November, 2011 - The name Grasshopper off the Green instantly conjures visions of an authentic Irish tavern abuzz with loud music and lively conversation. This popular bar and restaurant located in central Morristown aptly fits that description.
Built in 2005, Grasshopper's vaulted beam ceilings and heavy wooden d├ęcor are reminiscent of a much older, more rustic saloon. The bustling bar's three floors offer a variety of entertainment seven nights a week, from karaoke and video DJs to live music from Irish and rock bands piped throughout the venue.

The main floor hosts a bar and dining area capable of receiving a hearty happy hour crowd. Low ceilings and dim lighting in the smaller basement bar create a quaint, more intimate respite from Grasshopper's hotspot upstairs bar, which often attracts a wall to wall crowd seeking high energy, high volume music.

The pub's growing popularity among locals recently led them to update their aging audio system, which lacked power, scalability and adequate coverage. As Rich Trombitas of Cardone Solomon & Associates explains, the sheer size and breadth of sound coverage needed in the building was definitely a challenge.

"We needed a loudspeaker that could deliver extremely high volume levels over a large coverage area, but wouldn't present a large footprint or involve large boxes hanging on the wall," he explains. Cardone Solomon & Associates recommended a three-part distributed system comprising an assortment of Renkus-Heinz PN/PNX Series, TRX Series and Sygma (SG/SGX) Series loudspeakers and subwoofers. The system was installed by Rego Park, NY-based Starview Satellite.

The largest of the three systems is located in the upstairs bar and is broken into two zones. The first zone utilizes six SGX-81 120 X 60 degree eight-inch two-way loudspeakers mounted three to each side of the center ceiling beam, with two PNX-212 subwoofers flanking the side walls. The second zone includes four SGX-81 120 X 60 degree eight-inch two-way loudspeakers, with two SGX 12S single 12-inch high-powered subwoofers located discretely in the corners.

"In the upstairs space we really wanted to create a high energy room where people could listen to music but still converse without having to yell at each other," Trombitas explains. "We were able to achieve that with amazing results using the Sygma Series.

The audio system in the main floor bar features eight low profile TRX-81/12 120 X 60 degree eight-inch two-way loudspeakers with two SGX-12S 12-inch subwoofers. The basement bar system uses eight SGX-41 140 degree conical 4 inch coaxial loudspeakers.

"The level of support Renkus-Heinz provided was outstanding," reports Trombitas. "They delivered the equipment we needed within a very tight timeframe all the way through the project. The owners are extremely happy with the appearance and sound quality of the new audio system."