IC Live Rigs Stay Busy with AVW-TELAV

Montreal, Canada | April, 2011 - From modest beginnings as a regional Canadian translation company, AVW-TELAV has grown to become one of the leading audio visual solutions providers in North America. With parent company Freeman, AVW-TELAV now oversees more than 30 regional offices in the US and Canada, providing audio and video infrastructure for a wide range of major trade shows, summits and other events.

As Martin Reeves of the company's Montreal offices explains, AVW-TELAV has become a leader in both fixed installations and events based on a combination of technological expertise and creativity.

"Our clients range from government agencies to large corporations," says Reeves. "For us, that means we need to provide unique tools that allow us to be flexible while still maintaining exceptionally high-end production values."

That demand for flexibility has been a major factor in the company's choice of equipment inventory, and one of the most recent star players in that inventory is the Renkus-Heinz IC Live portable steerable line array system.

The two full systems in their Montreal and Toronto offices have seen constant use, including in such high-profile events as the G8 Summit and two most recent Super Bowl press conferences.

In fact, Reeves says the company has purchased an additional system for in-house use at the Toronto Convention Center, and another for their Vancouver office.

"The IC Live is great for installation in very tall rooms, where hanging or rigging is next to impossible," says Reeves. "It's ideal for large venues where we need a long-throw system but can't use a line array. The visual footprint, the ground support aspects, the ability to program the unit to cover different spaces - all these aspects make IC Live an ideal tool for so many of our projects."