Dual 15-Inch Subwoofers

IC215S Series subwoofers are perfect companions to Iconyx IC Live arrays. Their dual 15-inch subwoofers deliver outstanding low frequency impact with a high-order bandpass design that maximizes the efficiency of its cutting edge woofer technology and Class D amplifier.

IC215S series subwoofers are available in two versions, one designed expressely for portable use and the other for permanent installations. Both versions are fully integrated into the RHAON (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network) for flexible analog and digital audio signal distribution.

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Dual 15-inch High-Performance Subwoofers

Transparent Solutions
• Corporate Events
• Live Concerts
• Political Rallies
• Theatrical Productions.
• Museums: lobbies, galleries, etc.
• Resorts, Theme Parks
• Any environment where enjoyable music and/or intelligible speech are critical

Adaptable, Articulate, Invisible
The IC215S series subwoofers were designed to provide both acoustical and structural support for Iconyx Live digitally steerable line array systems. Digital beam steering puts Iconyx Live output where it belongs: on the audience, not walls or ceilings. One-touch presets or computer software let you define as many as four sonic beams from each IC Live array module (up to 8 beams when stacked), and aim them up or down.

Powerful, Accurate Sub-Bass Performance
With 1700 Watts of Class D power driving a pair of high-output 15-inch woofers, IC215S seriers subwoofers can produce peaks of 136 dB SPL. Low frequency output extends to 43 Hz, providing a solid foundation for any musical program material. The 15 inch woofers feature a high excursion surround and suspension system with a double silicon spider to assure linear travel even at extremely high output levels.

Portable, Scalable, Versatile
One or two IC215S series subwoofers can be added to any IC Live array. In portable systems the subwoofers can act as tall or wide bases for the full range digitally steered line arrays using the interlocking hardware system. IC215S-FR installation models are available in a wide range of custom colors, can be floor mounted or easily suspended from built-in attachment points.

RHAON Empowered
Like the full range IC Live line array, the IC215S series subwoofers are equipped with RHAON. RHAON provides a full set of remote control and supervision functions, along with CobraNet multichannel digital audio distribution.

Technical Information

Sensitivity: 1.4 V (for rated power output)
Freq. Range: 43 Hz to 100 Hz
Max SPL: 133 dB Pgm, 136 dB Peak
No. Transducers: Two model SSL15-14, 15" cone woofers, 800 W Pgm @ 4 Ohms (each)
Power Required: 90/136 V or 180/260 VAC, 50/60 Hz. 13 Amps @ 120 V, 6.5 Amps @ 240 V
Inputs: AnalogAudio Input 1: Looping XLR (female in,male out)
AnalogAudio Input 2: Phoenix 6-pin (looping 3-in, 3-out)
CobraNet: Dual RJ45 connectors (for CAT 5 copper cable)
AES/EBU: Phoenix connector
Controls (Rear Mounted): Power On/Off, Push-To Reset circuit breakers Mute button; Up & Down Output Level push buttons; 10 dB Input pad (on Analog 1 input)
Computer Controls: Gain, Mute, On/Standby, Input Selection; Compression, 8-Band Parametric EQ, Shelving & Rolloff Filters, Delay
Status Indicators: Power, Signal, Overdrive, Thermal, Mute, Input Pad
Power Connector: Powercon locking connector
Network Digital Format: 16, 20 or 24 bit PCM; 48 or 96 kHz sample rate; selectable network latency
Hardware: Universal Mounting Hardware
Enclosure: Finnish Birch, perforated steel grille
Finish: Black paint
White paint or custom color paint
Weather resistant (black TuffTex)
Weight: 206 Lbs (93.4 Kg) Net
Dimensions: 44.5” H x 20” W x 24” D
(113 cm x 50.8 cm x 61 cm)
New Carroll County PAC’s IC Live System a Big Success
New Carroll County PAC’s IC Live System a Big Success

Carrollton, GA | October, 2017 - "The sound system works fine, it sounds really good, and the sound is as good in the back as it is in the front. They just love it." - Bradley Feirn, Distex AV

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Middlesex University’s Quadrangle Gets ICONYX
Middlesex University’s Quadrangle Gets ICONYX

London, UK | July, 2017 - "Middlesex University are delighted with their new system. We were pleased to be involved from the outset, and to partner with Roche AV. The Iconyx steered array technology has been proven to overcome the challenge of difficult acoustical spaces, and it was most certainly the best choice for this project." -Stuart Leader, POLARaudio UK

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Iconyx Tames the Venetian’s Vast Palazzo
Iconyx Tames the Venetian’s Vast Palazzo

Garfield, NJ | May, 2015 - "We've worked with the Iconyx system in the past, and felt it would be a great solution for this space, not only sonically but also aesthetically" - Stephen Cannella, Synapse Chief Design Consultant

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Renkus-Heinz IC Live Solves Intelligibility Issues in Dodge City Cathedral
Renkus-Heinz IC Live Solves Intelligibility Issues in Dodge City Cathedral

Dodge City, KS | January, 2015 - "When we brought it in to demo, the IC Live sounded so clear right out of the box, it blew them away. In fact, they didn't want us to take it back! When we performed the final installation, we barely applied any system EQ at all. The music sounds great for both worship styles, and the spoken word is now clearly understandable. It proved to be the ideal solution." - Amos Yost, Montezuma Sound

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University of Oslo Dental School Opens Wide for Iconyx
University of Oslo Dental School Opens Wide for Iconyx

Oslo, Norway | June, 2014 - "Using the beam steering to its full potential, the ICONYX speakers were able to deliver great, well controlled speech intelligibility to the very back rows. It is difficult to imagine how a conventional loudspeaker could have delivered this type of performance." - Geir Kristoffersen, Cowi Consultaing Group

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Tech Works Brings IC Live to the Party
Tech Works Brings IC Live to the Party

Las Vegas, NV | May, 2014 - "We strive to provide our clients with the very best audio experience, and the IC Live is a fantastic sounding system. It provides a tremendous amount of output from a very compact footprint, while the digital steering allows us to focus audio on the audience and not all over the room." - Tom Bourke, General Manager, Tech Works."

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Opera Universitaria Goes High-Class with IC Live
Opera Universitaria Goes High-Class with IC Live

Trento, Italy | April, 2014 - The Opera Universitaria di Trento recently completed construction of its new student union, a modern building that is home to housing and financial offices, as well as fitness facilities including one of the country's largest climbing walls. It also houses a new, 240-seat performing arts theater, equipped with an extensive audio, video and lighting installation by Trento-based AV installers A&T Multimedia Srl.

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