Iconyx Helps Hartselle Church Congregants Reflect on Great Sound

Hartselle, AL | September, 2010 - Hartselle's newest house of worship, Hartselle Church of Christ, boasts beautiful, inspirational architecture featuring high ceilings and ornate brickwork. It's an impressive looking sanctuary, and the church's elders are understandably proud.

That same stunning architecture had created some unforeseen challenges. As Christopher Bragg, Senior Systems Engineer at Covington, GA-based Messenger Media Systems Inc., explains, the room's acoustic signature did not lend itself to getting the message across to the congregation.

"It's a very wide room, and very reflective," says Bragg. "As a traditional Church of Christ, their service is very much centered around the spoken word. And while those brick walls look great, they can create problems with intelligibility, making it difficult to clearly discern what's being said."

The reflective nature of the space called for a highly focused loudspeaker system that offered powerful beamwidth control, and Renkus-Heinz's Iconyx digitally steerable array system fit the bill. "When I walked in the room, I knew immediately that Iconyx was the only option," says Bragg.

A pair of Iconyx IC16/8-R loudspeakers are installed into custom soffits on either side of the proscenium. As Bragg explains, the Iconyx's low-profile design also addressed the church's concerns for minimal visibility.

"Aesthetics were of the utmost importance," says Bragg. "They did not want to see the speakers. We worked with the architect, and had them leave an opening in the brickwork on either side of the proscenium. The Iconyx fit in perfectly, and we put a bit of standard molding around it. It looks terrific."

A pair of CFX81 compact 8-inch two-way loudspeakers, mounted behind a small fa├žade, provide side fill, and two Sygma-Series SGX41 4-inch two-way boxes are installed at the rear wall for the sound booth.

Bragg reports that church elders and congregants alike are thrilled with the system. "We've received lots of compliments on the sound quality," he says. "The sound is clear, natural and articulate to every seat in the house."