High Directivity, High Output, Vertical Design

The P3-64 was developed specifically for applications needing wide horizontal directivity and tightly controlled vertical directivity.
It features a 1.4” voice coil high frequency compression driver with a 1” throat coupled to a Complex Conic horn. The patented Complex Conic horn eliminates high frequency beaming and provides wide angle coverage out to 20 kHz and beyond. The four high-efficiency 6” woofers produce a strong low end. Together, the 1” HF driver and quad 6” woofers deliver a surprisingly high 130 dB peak output level from 80 Hz to 20 kHz.
Designed In Flexibility

Twelve M6 Universal Mounting Points and a 2.75 in. x 4.25 in. four-point speaker mounting plate make installation easy and clean. The mounting plate is compatible with the W-WALL-IC7II mount as well as the Adaptive Technologies MM060 Multi-Mount.
A recessed handle at the top of the back panel makes carrying the P3-64 easy, and a standard pole socket makes them the ideal speaker for sound-on-a-stick applications in low-ceilinged rooms where you need the tight, vertical directivity to cover evenly to the back of the room.

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Technical Data

Frequency Response: P3-64-RN
80 Hz. to 20 kHz. (+ or - 3 dB)
Sensitivity: P3-64-RN
1.0 volt for rated output, analog
Maximum Peak SPL: P3-64-RN
130 dB-SPL@1 watt/1 meter
Dispersion: P3-64-RN
150 h x 60 v
Crossover Frequency: P3-64-RN
1.8 kHz, active electronic
Enclosure: P3-64-RN
3/4 in./19 mm Lite Ply plywood
Grille: P3-64-RN
16 GA powder coated, plated steel
Finish: P3-64-RN
Black (RAL9010) or White (RAL9011) paint, standard. Custom colors optional.
Mounting: P3-64-RN
12 x M6 UMH points; 1 x M10 nutplate; 2.75 x 4.25 in. speaker mount plate & 35 mm tripod socket
Weight: P3-64-RN
42 lbs/19 kg
Dimensions: P3-64-RN
7-7/8” w x 34-3/4” h x 9-3/8” d
200 mm w x 883 mm h x 238 mm d

SA1250 Amplifier Specifications

Audio Connections: P3-64-RN
2 x XLR-3, In & Loop-out, Analog and AES
2 x XLR-3, In & Loop-out, Analog and AES
2 x RJ45 Dante Primary & Secondary Ethernet
Max Input Level: P3-64-RN
+22 dBu, Analog, 0 dBFS digital
Network Connections: P3-64-RN
2 x RJ45, Looping Ethernet/RHAON
2 x RJ45 Dante Primary & Secondary Ethernet/RHAON (Note: Dante and RHAON share a single or redundant Ethernet network.)
User DSP: P3-64-RN
Eight fully parametric filters, high and low shelf, high and low pass filters, delay to 340 ms.
Software: P3-64-RN
Power Output: P3-64-RN
LF= 1000 watts, @ 8 oms / HF = 250 watts @ 8 ohms. Multi-band peak and thermal limiting on both channels protects the drivers.
Mains Voltage: P3-64-RN
100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz auto-switching
Power Consumption: P3-64-RN
Idle: 200 mW. 1/8 power: 240 W (onset of limiting) 1/3 power: 550 W (hard limiting)
Power Connector: P3-64-RN
Neutrik powerCON TRUE-1
Temperature Limits: P3-64-RN
Max.: 140º F/60º C, with no direct sun exposure; Min.: -22º F/-30º C; leave unit on to keep interior warm below 32º F/0º C.
Latency: P3-64-RN
6.25 ms
6.25 ms Analog & AES
6.25 ms + Dante transport latency
Partnering with Renkus-Heinz Allows BAPS to Ensure Each of its Spiritual Leaders are Heard by All
Partnering with Renkus-Heinz Allows BAPS to Ensure Each of its Spiritual Leaders are Heard by All

Foothill Ranch, California | April, 2020 - BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha is a Hindu organization spanning the globe with the mission of improving society through individual growth by adhering to Hindu ideals of faith, unity and selfless service. The organization is volunteer driven, meaning many operational competencies are handled in-house.

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