IC Live arrays use advanced digital beam steering technology to deliver impeccable sound while staying in the background visually.

IC Live arrays provide an elegant solution to long standing acoustical problems with slim enclosures that blend into any environment. IC Live beams can be steered up or down while the array remains vertical – and nearly invisible. The result is unsurpassed vertical pattern control – essential for delivering intelligible speech in reverberant spaces.

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IC Live for Installed Sound

Transparent Solutions
• Corporate Events
• Live Concerts
• Political Rallies
• Theatrical Productions.
• Museums: lobbies, galleries, etc.
• Resorts, Theme Parks
• Any environment where enjoyable music and/or intelligible speech are critical


Adaptable, Articulate, Invisible
Digital beam steering puts IC Live output where it belongs: on the audience, not walls or ceilings. Computer software lets you define the opening angles for multiple sonic beams and individually aim each beam up or down. Meanwhile, the slim enclosures stay vertical and inconspicuous.

Powerful, Accurate, Musical
Iconyx transparent technology controls sound with DSP intelligence, not cumbersome bruteforce techniques. High-current audiophile output stages power each light, efficient transducer in IC Live arrays individually. Even at 100 feet, SPL is an impressive 105 dB (108 dB when stacked). The output of IC Live arrays is flat from 80 Hz to 20 kHz.

RHAON Empowered, One-Touch Presets, Intuitive Software
RHAON empowered IC Live arrays provide a full set of remote control and supervision functions, along with the ability to store multiple preset configurations in memory. For more complex situations, Iconyx BeamWare software makes it easy to shape the array’s coverage to the audience area.

Easy To Install
IC Live ICL-FR-TRIP arrays are equipped with attachment points making them easy to suspend from the ceiling. Hinged mounting hardware is available for wall mounting. It allows the array to be turned away from the wall for easy signal and power connections and then locked into place against the wall after installation.

Technical Information

Sensitivity: 1.0 V (for rated power output)
Freq. Range: 80 Hz to 20 kHz (in stacked arrays)
Max SPL: 108 dB peak @ 100 Ft. (30.5 m)
Horiz. Dispersion: 150° up to 3 kHz
Vert. Opening Angles: 5°, 10°, 15° and 20°
Aiming Angle: Adjustable from -30° to +30°
Typical Throw: 66 Ft. (20 m) 132 Ft. (40 m) when stacked
Beam Control: Effective down to 250 Hz
No. Transducers: Seven 6.5-inch cone transducers with neodymium magnets
Inputs: Analog Audio & AES/EBU Inputs: Looping XLR (female in, male out) and Phoenix 6-pin (looping 3-in, 3-out)
CobraNet: Dual connectors (for CAT 5e copper cable)
Power Connector: Powercon locking connector
Controls (Rear Mounted): Mute button
Up & Down Output Level push buttons
10 dB Input pad (on Analog 1 input)
Push-To-Reset circuit breaker, Configuration Preset Selector
Computer Controls: Gain, Mute, On/Standby, Input Selection, Compression, 9-Band Parametric EQ, Shelving & Rolloff Filters, Delay, Configuration Preset Readout
Status Indicators: Power, Signal, Overdrive, Thermal, Mute, Input Pad, Failure, Preset Configuration
Network Digital Format: 16, 20 or 24 bit PCM; 48 or 96 kHz sample rate; selectable network latency
Hanging Method: Metric M10 attachment points
Hinge kits
Enclosure: Finnish Birch with perforated steel grille
Finish: Standard finish: Black paint
Weight: 174 Lbs (79 Kg) Net
Dimensions: 142” H x 8" W x 7" D
(360.7 cm x 20. cm x 17.8 cm)
Historic St. John’s University Theater Refreshed with IC Live
Historic St. John’s University Theater Refreshed with IC Live

Collegeville, MN | October, 2017 - "All of the audio guys love to come and work in this room. They love the way the system sounds; they love to sit in the back and mix. It's a great system, and we're delighted." - Adam Dahl, Production Manager, St John's University

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Rodeph Shalom Renovates Historic Synagogue with Renkus-Heinz IC Live
Rodeph Shalom Renovates Historic Synagogue with Renkus-Heinz IC Live

Philadelphia, PA | November, 2015 - "It was a challenging project and a challenging space, but the Renkus-Heinz IC Live system was really an ideal solution" - Walter Mosetter, Philadelphia Sound Production

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University of Wisconsin's Schofield Auditorium Gets Next Gen IC Live
University of Wisconsin's Schofield Auditorium Gets Next Gen IC Live

Eau Claire, WI | March, 2013 - UW-Eau Claire's oldest building, the stately brick façade of Schofield Hall dates back to the beginnings of this storied campus in 1916. In addition to the University's main administration offices, the building is home to the Schofield Auditorium, a 600-seat multi-purpose venue...

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