Complex Conic Horns with CoEntrant Driver

CDT Series horn/driver assemblies combine two significant breakthroughs in acoustical design. Complex Conic horns maintain constant directivity over a wider beamwidth, and our patented CoEntrant transducer is the first new approach to converting electrical energy into acoustical power since the compression driver.

CoEntrant Topology (U.S. Pat. 5,526,456)
Integrates a midrange cone and HF compression driver into a true point source with inherent time-alignment.

Complex Conic: The Next Step in Horn Evolution
Complex Conic horns provide superior pattern control and more natural sound; may be rotated 90º.

High-Frequency Compression Driver
Provides crystal clear highs from 1800 Hz to18 kHz.

Eight-Inch Mid-Range Cone Transducer
Easily extends response down to 350 Hz with low distortion.

Weather Resistant Design
Sealed driver enclosure and weather resistant cone offer maximum protection from the elements.

Choice of Coverage Patterns
Choose between 90º by 40º, 60º by 40º , 60º by 60º and long throw 40º by 40º designs

Choice of Models

The CDT500-64K is a medium throw horn with a 60º by 40º coverage pattern.
The CDT500-94K is a medium throw horn with a 90º by 40º coverage pattern.
The CDT500-44K features long throw 40º by 40º dispersion.
The CDT500-66K features 60º by 60º coverage, ideal for overhead distributed systems used in large high ceiling areas.

All four models provide tight pattern control down to 500 Hz and below. They come complete with a built-in crossover and a weather resistant housing for the driver/crossover network.

Technical Information

Sensitivity: CDT500/44
103 dB (1w/1m) @ 1kHz
102 dB (1w/1m) @ 1kHz
Max SPL: CDT500/44
123 dB Pgm @ 1kHz
122 dB Pgm @ 1kHz
Dispersion: CDT500/44 40° H x 40° V
CDT500/64 60° H x 40° V
CDT500/66 60° H x 60° V
CDT500/94 90° H x 40° V
Freq. Response: All Models 500 Hz to 18 kHz
HF Driver: All Models 1″ compression driver, 40 W RMS @ 8 Ohms, 80 W Pgm
MF Driver: All Models 8″ fiber cone driver, 150 W RMS @ 8 Ohms, 300 W Pgm
Crossover Points: All Models 500 Hz & 1800 Hz
Crossover: All Models Built-in, 350 W Pgm @ 8 Ohms
Connector Options: All Models Screw terminals: 4 foot “pig-tail”
Finish: All Models Black
Dimension: All Models See drawing below
Weight: All Models See drawing below
Assoc. Equipment: All Models CDT500KYOKE Mounting Bracket
PGA-CDT500 Protective Grille