Modular Point Source Line Array

VARIAi’s fully modular design enables cabinets to be easily configured as flown vertical arrays, powerful horizontal arrays, or ground stacked systems. With a range of vertical and horizontal dispersion angles and Renkus-Heinz’s unique Transitional WaveGuides, VARIAi’s highly configurable enclosures and ingenious concealed hardware make it easy to custom design a system for every application.


VARIAi 22.5º cabinets have been designed to fly either as modules in a vertical array, or as part of a tight-packed horizontal array. The system designer or sound engineer can now build horizontal coverage in 22.5º slices as required, with seamless integration between cabinets – a true Modular Point Source solution.

In horizontal clusters, VARIAi’s unique waveguide design makes building asymmetric coverage fast and easy. In addition to the standard 60º, 90º, and 120º available vertical coverage angles, asymmetric 75º (+30º /-45º) arrangements are available, reducing the amount of mechanical downtilt required.

Technical Specifications

Sensitivity: VA101i-22/75A-R 1.0V for Rated Power Output
VAX101i-22/75A LF 00dB (1W/1m)
HF 104dB (1W/1m)
Freq. Response: All Models 80Hz to 18kHz (+/- 3dB)
Max SPL: VA101i-22/75A-R LF 126dB peak @ 1 meter
VAX101i-22/75A LF 134dB peak @ 1 meter
LF 140dB peak @ 1 meter (4 cabinets)
HF 131dB peak @ 1 meter
Horiz. Coverage: All Models Model 22/6 60°
Model 22/9 90°
Model 22/12 120°
Model 22/69 60° to 90°
Model 22/912 90° to 120°
Vert. Coverage: All Models 22.5° (7.5° and 15° variants available)
Power Rating: VA101i-22/75A-R See PF2-500R Internal Power Amplifier Specifications
VAX101i-22/75A LF 250W AES @ 8 ohms, recommended amplifier power 625W @ 8 ohms
HF 50W AES @ 8 ohms, recommended amplifier power 125W @ 8 ohms
Transducers: All Models LF 10″ Woofer SSL10-4
HF 1x 1″ exit, 1.75″ VC, Compression Drivers SSD1750-TN-8
Connectors: VA101i-22/75A-R See PF2-500R Internal Power Amplifier Specifications
VAX101i-22/75A 2x NL4 Speakon (looping) LF 1+/1- HF 2+/2-, Barrier Strip
Options: All Models WR Weather Resistant Treatment
Enclosure: All Models 3/4″ (19 mm) Multiply Birch Construction
Perforated metal grille
Finish: All Models Black or White Paint as Standard
Custom Color Paint available as cost option
Dimensions: All Models W 24 3/8″ x H 12 15/16″ x D 14 7/8″
(618.5 mm x 328.7 mm x 378.3 mm)
Weight: All Models 63 Lbs (28.6 kg) Net without MPS rigging connector
67 Lbs (30.4 kg) Net with MPS rigging connector