High-Power Subwoofer

The self-powered VA15Si and externally amplified VAX15Si are ideal companions to VARIA101i array modules. The high-power 15-inch woofer delivers outstanding low-frequency impact in a design that maximizes the efficiency of this cutting edge woofer technology.


Low-frequency output extends down below 40 Hz and delivers a peak SPL output of up to 129 dB, providing a solid foundation for any musical performance.

VA/VAX15Si subwoofers can be ground stacked and used as a sturdy base for one or more VARIAi array modules. They can also be flown as separate low frequency arrays, or flown at the top of full-range VARIAi arrays, keeping the entire system off the floor.

Together, VARIAi array modules and VARIAi subwoofers provide a high-power full-range system capable of handling the most demanding musical performances, especially in difficult acoustical environments.

Technical Information

Sensitivity: VA15Si-R 1.0 V for RPO
VAX15Si 95dB (1W/1m)
Freq. Response: All Models 40 Hz to 120 Hz (+/- 3dB)
Max SPL: VA15Si-R 128dB peak @ 1 meter
VAX15Si 131dB peak @ 1 meter
Power Rating: VA15Si-R See PF1-500R Internal Power Amplifier specifications
VAX15Si 1000W AES @ 8 ohms, recommended amplifier power 2000W @ 8 ohms
Connectors: VA15Si-R See PF1-500R Internal Power Amplifier specifications
VAX15Si 2x NL4 Speakon (looping) LF 1+/1- HF 2+/2-, Barrier Strip
Hardware: All Models 8-point universal mounting hardware (Metric M10 threads)
Integral Flying Hardware
Option: All Models Heavy Duty Casters
All Models WR Weather Resistant Treatment
Enclosure: All Models 3/4″ (19 mm) Multiply Birch Construction
Perforated metal grille
Finish: All Models Black or White Paint as Standard
Custom Color Paint available as cost option
Dimensions: All Models W 24 3/8″ x H 19″ x D 22 1/2″
(618.5 mm x 482.6 mm x 571.5 mm)
Weight: All Models 120 Lbs (54.4 kg) Net without MPS rigging connector
126.4 Lbs (57.3 kg) Net with MPS rigging connector