Real Life Church Outfitted with Renkus-Heinz

Punta Gorda, FL | May, 2011 - When Abundant Life Church closed its doors in 2010, falling victim to the economy, a steep mortgage, and rising operating costs, it felt like the end of a beautiful dream for this close-knit congregation. Rather than fall by the wayside, the members immediately rallied together and set about finding a way to continue worshipping together.

After some diligent searching, the fellowship decided that instead of building or purchasing a new property, they would rent space from nearby Sally Jones Elementary and pick up where they had left off; thus Real Life Church was born.

Audio quality is key to Real Life's contemporary services, with charismatic pastors and a five piece band flanked by backup singers. The church retained Sach AV of Florida, who recommended a system based on Renkus-Heinz's CF-Series modular point source line array.

"The room is quite long, so we needed something that had punch, but was portable enough to move in and out easily," explains Dale Zink, Project Manager for Sach AV. "The Renkus-Heinz system accomplishes that with ease. It's really smooth, even when the band goes well above 105 db. It's just lively and creates a great atmosphere."

Flexibility was also a concern, as the church's rapidly growing congregation may eventually outgrow the 585 seat capacity of the room. Anchoring the system are left and right arrays of two CF101-LA cabinets each. Low end is capably handled by two CF15S subwoofers.

"The beauty of this design is that it can be added to quickly if they do end up moving to a larger facility," adds Zink. With a largely volunteer staff, simplicity is also critical. "The way it's set up right now, everything is color-coded, so even their less technical personnel can set the entire thing up in 45 minutes or less."

Thus far, reviews are nothing but positive from the entire Real Life staff. "The first week they used the system, I got a voice mail from Dennis Peck, the sound engineer, and he just said ‘Wow' several times at first," relates Zink. "With a lot of systems, pushing the system too hard just makes things sound harsh. With higher SPL, it just stays nice and level with a smooth high end. It just does its job and sounds nice, smooth, and clean."

As Real Life expands and puts more money back into the system, Zink vows he'll be expanding the audio system with more Renkus-Heinz gear. "They're definitely sold on the sound and clarity of the CF-series, which is what we expected when we first designed it for them."