SA-Series Amps

SA-Series Amps

Designed and built in the USA, Renkus-Heinz SA Series represents a new and powerful technology designed to unify all Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers across connectivity and control platforms.

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SA Series Amplifier Modules

Renkus-Heinz SA Series Amplifiers are designed to provide the cleanest possible sound quality and performance, even with the most complex audio signals. Renkus-Heinz SA Amplifiers enable all Renkus-Heinz loudspeaker models to be freely combined. Offering full networking capabilities, RHAON II control and monitoring, connection via a choice of Analog, AES/EBU, or Dante™ input.

Renkus-Heinz SA Series Amplifiers are available in three models. The SA-625 amplifier outputs 500W + 125W; the SA-1250 outputs 1000W + 250W in two-way configuration and 500W + 500W + 250W in three-way mode; and the SA-2000 which can be configured for single channel with 2000W into 4 ohm, or 2 channels of 1000W each into 8 ohm or 3 channels with 1000W, 500W and 250W. With power to spare, SA-625 Amplifiers deliver enough power to drive two 6" or 8" C or T loudspeakers, substantially lowering system cost.

All SA Series Amplifiers are equipped with native DSP, including delay, equalization and nine available preset memories. Standard inputs are Analog and AES, with single and redundant Dante™ optional, as are Fiber Optic inputs Ethernet connectivity and control is standard with RHAON II. Any pause in program audio triggers proprietary Amplifier Mute.

Key Features
• High performance Class D technology
• Integrated multi-channel DSP
• Volume, Mute, up to 340ms Delay, 8 band PEQ
• RHAON II Control and monitoring
• Multi-band thermal and peak protection
• Flexible input options
"A" Analog Only
"RN" Analog and AES/EBU with Ethernet and RHAON
"RD" Dante™ with redundant Dante network
"RD1" Dante™ with single Dante network
Optional Optical Fiber connections

Proprietary Features
• Nine user presets (Three factory presets)
• Enhanced S/N with automatic Mute on program pause
• Instant fail-over (2ms) from Dante to Analog

Technical Specifications

Total Power (Watts): SA625
Channel Configuration: SA625
500W + 125W @ 8O
Two Channel Model
1000W + 250W @ 8O
Three Channel Model
500W, 4O + 500W, 4O + 250W, 8O
Two Channel Model
1000W + 1000W Peak @ 8O
Three Channel Model
1000W, 8O + 500W, 4O + 250W, 8O
Frequency Response: All Models20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-0.5 dB
THD Distortion + Noise: All Models< 0.5%
CMRR: All Models65 dB
Output Stage Topology: All ModelsClass D, Zero Feedback
Input Impedance: All Models20k Ohm Balanced differential
Sensitivity: All Models1.4 V for RPO
Max Analog Input Level: All Models+21 dBu
Latency: All Models6.68 ms Analog In
6.125 ms AES/EBU In
6.25 ms Dante In
Power Connector: SA625
powerCON TRUE1 inlet connector
powerCON TRUE1 inlet-outlet combination connector
Power Required / Requirements: All Models100-240V AC (50/60 Hz)
Current Draw:
Idle Current Draw: SA625
20 mA @ 110v
15 mA @ 220V
30 mA @ 110v
20 mA @ 220v
1/8 Maximum Output Power Current Draw: SA625
1.0 A @ 110v
0.5 A @ 220v
2.0 A @ 110v
1.0 A @ 220v
1/3 Power Current Draw: SA625
2.0 A @ 110v
1.0 A @ 220v
4.0 A @ 110v
2.0 A @ 220v
Max Inrush Current Draw (Soft Start): SA625
1.0 A @ 110v
0.5 A @ 220v
2.0 A @ 110v
1.0 A @ 220v
Thermal Dissipation:
Idle Thermal Dissipation: SA625
58 BTU/hr or 15 kcal/hr
78 BTU/hr or 20 kcal/hr
1/8 Power Thermal Dissipation: SA625
304 BTU/hr or 77 kcal/hr
607 BTU/hr or 153 kcal/hr
1215 BTU/hr or 306 kcal/hr
1/3 Power Thermal Dissipation: SA625
713 BTU/hr or 180 kcal/hr
1426 BTU/hr or 359 kcal/hr
2853 BTU/hr or 719 kcal/hr
Inputs / Connectors:
Analog/AES3: All ModelsXLR-3, Looping
Control (RHAON): All ModelsEthercon RJ45
Dante™ (Optional): All ModelsEthercon RJ45
Dante™ Dual Redundant (Optional): All ModelsEhtercon RJ45
Controls, Back Panel: All ModelsInput Select, Preset Select, Volume
RHAON Control: All ModelsInput Select, Preset Select, Volume, Mute, Delay up to 340 ms, 8 band EQ, HP, LP, High & Low Shelf
Status Indicator LEDs: All ModelsSignal Present, Fault
Driver Protection: All ModelsMulti-band thermal and peak driver protection limiting on all channels
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Additional Downloads
FileDocument TypeModelsDescription
SA Amplifier Series Group Front Angle
Part #Description
-A AnalogPowered Analog
-RD1 RHAON II & Dante™Single
-RD RHAON II & Dante™Dual / Redundant