Line Array Loudspeaker Systems

ST Series line arrays unite advanced technology and application-driven engineering to bring live sound closer to the ultimate reference point: reality. Fully integrated electroacoustic systems with all elements optimized deliver superior fidelity and coverage. Wherever the venue is appropriate for a high-powered vertical array, a RHAON empowered STLA/9R or externally powered STXLA/9 line array is the logical choice for demanding designers, operators and audiences.

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STLA/9R loudspeakers are RHAON empowered for flexible analog and digital signal distribution and loudspeaker management and control over a CAT 5 Ethernet network.

Key Features

• Heavy Duty Flying Hardware
Safely flies columns of up to 12 units, provides a wide range of aiming angles.

• Easy Rigging - Designed to Travel
Assembles easily, light in weight (the self-powered STLA/9R weighs under 190 lbs)

• Flexible Input Configurations
Choose passive inputs, or go self-powered with the PM-3R RHAON Empowered amplifier.

• Exclusive Isophasic Plane Wave Generator
Provides constant beamwidth/directivity down to 200 Hz.

• Dual CDT1.5 CoEntrant Mid/High Drivers
High Output. Individual Plane Wave Generator Lenses feeding a common waveguide maintain line array source coupling through the mid/high crossover for improved directivity in the vertical plane and a coherent wavefront.

• Dual 12-Inch Woofers
Provides smooth, low distortion performance down to 60 Hz.

PM-3R PowerNet Tri-Amplifier

The PM-3R is a new kind of intelligent electronic system. The heart of the STLA/9R, it combines Class D digital tri-amplification with RHAON, the Renkus- Heinz Audio Operations Network for comprehensive DSP controlled signal processing and control.

RHAON empowers you with CobraNet digital audio distribution, user-configurable DSP for maximum control, remote systems management from any Windows computer, life safety functions and more – all using standard Ethernet hardware and cabling.

The PM-3R offers dual analog inputs, dual CobraNet inputs and an AES3id serial input. The on-board DSP includes eight bands of parametric EQ, high and low shelving filters, delay and input level control, and is easily configured using RHAON software. Critical operating parameters such as signal clipping, amplifier output voltage and current, and temperature are continually monitored with automatic alert functions.


• Virtually any application where outstanding sonic performance is required and sound level and coverage needs cannot be satisfied with a conventional horizontal loudspeaker array.

• Portable "touring" sound systems for both small and large concert venues, corporate AV events, etc.

• Sound reinforcement systems in large houses of worship, performing arts centers, sports arenas, theaters and other similar venues.

Renkus-Heinz Engineering has developed unique technologies to optimize line array module performance. The CDT1.5 is a co-entrant driver that integrates a 6.5-inch carbon fiber cone and a 2.5 inch voice coil titanium compression driver. The output of this high output wideband point source is shaped by our Isophasic Plane Wave Generator with Path Length Equalization Technology to approximate a plane wave (less than 1/8 wavelength curvature).

Vertical arrays radiate a continuous midrange and high frequency wavefront whose curvature is the same as that of the array. This enables the designer to control dispersion over an extraordinarily wide range – 250 Hz to 20 kHz – by varying the curvature of the array. Horizontal dispersion is also important: many line array modules produce a narrowing through the mid range transition from the woofers to the high frequency section.

The unique design of the STLA and STXLA modules avoids this by controlling horizontal dispersion from 350 Hz – 20 kHz using a common horn flare. This horn flare can be replaced in the field: 60°, 90° and 120° patterns are available to suit different venues or different sections of the vertical array. Because there is no separate midrange section, the horizontal spacing between woofers is reduced so that dispersion is consistent from 200 Hz through crossover.

Technical Information

Sensitivity: STLA9 - STLA/9R
1.4 V for rated power output
Highs: 133 dB continuous, 139 dB peak
Mids: 130 dB continuous, 132 dB peak
Lows: 129 dB continuous, 132 dB peak
Dispersion: 90° Horiz.; Vertical dispersion determined by array design
Freq. Response: 45 Hz to 18 kHz
Mid/High Drivers: Two CDT-1.5 CoEntrant drivers with 6.5” mids, 250 W RMS each and two 2.5” HF drivers, 80 W RMS each
LF Drivers: Two 12" model SSL12-13 woofers; 500W RMS @ 8Ohms; 1000 W Pgm each
Crossover: 500 Hz & 2500 Hz
Power: STLA9 - STLA/9R
See PM-3R Amplifier Module
Enclosure: Multi-ply hardwood, perforated metal grille
Connectors: STLA9 - STLA/9R
See PM-3R Amplifier Module
Finish: Black, White or Natural (unfinished) paint
Custom color optional
Weather resistant optional (TuffTex (black only) or Fiberglass (custom colors available))
Assoc. Hardware: RHANGSTLA Flybar
COVER-STLA Padded cover (4 units)
Dimensions: 15 1/2" H x 38 1/2" W x 23" D
(39.4 cm x 97.8 cm x 58.4 cm)
Weight: STLA9 - STLA/9R
195 Lbs (88.9 kg) Net
Renkus-Heinz Helps Living Museum Tell Atturaif’s Ancient History
Renkus-Heinz Helps Living Museum Tell Atturaif’s Ancient History

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | March, 2019 - "The biggest challenge was the huge area and the distances between the sound system and the public, but as you would expect at a World Heritage site, there also is a particular need for impressively loud and clear sound." - Norbert Bau, Renkus-Heinz Middle East Sales Representative

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IB0004Four point touring hardware to meet German BGV-C1 Standard
RHANG-STLATop flybar for ST / STXLA Line Array Modules. One required for each array. Can hold 12 cabinets. Meets BGV-C1 Standard
DOLLY-STLATransport Dolly with heavy-duty casters. Carries up to 4x ST / STXLA/9's
COVER-STLA1/2" Padded Transportation Cover for a 4x tall ST/STXLA/9 array on STLADOLLY
Quikpin-2.5Quick release pin