Transparent Technology New Venture Christian Fellowship chooses auditory and visual elements to stimulate worship

Oceanside, CA | July, 2013 - Olympia WA-based integrators CCI Solutions recently oversaw an extensive renovation of New Venture Christian Fellowship's 1800-seat sanctuary in Oceanside, CA, with an emphasis on the audio, video and lighting systems. As Rick Boring, Senior Systems Consultant for CCI explains, seamless networked audio was critical for this contemporary Christian church, as well as the speakers not interfering with the sanctuary's new video screens and theatrical lighting. This didn't leave sufficient height to hang a line array. "No matter where we tried to hide a line array, we were going to be blocking sightlines to the screen for somebody," Boring said. "I could use larger enclosures, as long as they weren't too tall, that had great pattern control."

He opted for four Renkus-Heinz ST9-94R three-way self-powered speakers in an exploded cluster, and five delayed ST7M-94R mid/high self-powered speakers. "With [these] speakers, when you are in the pattern, it is very consistent. The pattern dropoff is very accurate and we're only putting sound where it's needed."

The subwoofers posed another challenge because Boring didn't want to ground stack the subs on each side of the stage, creating comb filtering. Installing separate stacks would cause summation or cancellation, depending on the frequency. It would also put too much low end in places it wasn't needed or wanted, with a danger of the bass being picked up by the microphones onthe stage. Boring opted, instead, for a cardioid sub array, with four DR18-2R 115V self-powered dual 18-inch subs hanging over the stage firing toward the congregation, and another two dual 18-inch subs firing backward toward the stage. "It created a great pattern with rejection on the stage and super-consistent low-end across the congregation," Boring said.

He concluded, "I'm pleased with the installation of an incredible AVL system, and it performed magnificently! We helped the church congregation to experience wonderful worship and to allow the pastor to communicate effectively with his visually oriented style. This is the CCI way: to be seen and to be heard with excellence is what we strive for."

(Excerpted from the article by Dawn Allcot in March 2013 issue of Sound & Communications. View the full article here.)