Renkus-Heinz creates loudspeakers that give you a technical advantage – the ability to put sound where you want it.


Our Commitment

Renkus-Heinz is committed to continued innovation in loudspeaker technology. This gives our partners and end users the absolute best quality sound possible – no matter the size or shape of the venue where it is being installed.

We don’t just adopt cutting edge technologies, we truly embrace them – and look to fully harness the power they can bring to an audio solution. Our focus is to craft the best loudspeaker possible and set the standard for high end sound in the industry.

We’ve taken the leadership role on developing digital beam steering technology, allowing for locations of all size, shape, and construction type to truly leverage the power of amazing audio. Our numerous patents and awards for this work are exciting – but they simply serve as proof of our work in reaching our true goal: to allow integrators and end users who rely on pro audio to precisely place sound where they want it.

That commitment to empowering our customers and industry partners is crucial. Beyond the technology, we provide the highest level of support possible. We travel the globe to assist on installs, technical support and sales. We handcraft specifically-sized and uniquely colored loudspeakers for individual projects. We provide custom configuration and technical buildouts on projects of all size.

Our commitment is to provide you with the most technically advantageous loudspeakers on the market. This comes through our passion for innovation and our promise to partner with you in your success. The result: we give you the power to place professional audio precisely where you want it.