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RHAON Software

RHAON (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network) is the culmination of more than 20 years experience integrating electronics with loudspeakers. RHAON makes it easy to connect and network multiple powered loudspeakers using standard Ethernet cabling and switches. On the network, you can distribute multi-channel digital audio with Cobranet, control array-specific DSP functions, and supervise the entire system from a computer at the mix position or any other location.

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RHAON – Renkus-Heinz Audio Operation Network

Rooms, events and audiences change constantly, RHAON Control gives you the tools to adapt your system and make critical adjustments in real time. The onboard DSP provides factory-programmed loudspeaker management for optimal performance and reliability. With eight bands of fully parametric equalization, High and Low frequency shelving and Roll-Off filters, a fully configurable dynamic processor and up to 340milliseconds of signal delay, RHAON gives you the power to fine-tune each loudspeaker for its specific location and function.

Clicking on any loudspeaker or group icon opens the Connect window allowing you to select which of the inputs will drive the integrated amplifier. RHAON Empowered loudspeakers have two analog inputs, anAES3ID (AES/EBU) input and redundant CobraNet digital audio inputs: the choice is yours.

By choosing CobraNet, you can assign the input channel and retransmit signals to return a signal from the amplifier to a monitoring loudspeaker at the control location. This Connect window also includes input and output meters and an input level control for each amplifier channel.

The show must go on, no matter what. There’s no better way to make sure that it does than to empower the operator with an intelligent, informative and responsive system. RHAON monitors every single amplifier channel and driver on the network. Continual data reporting and graphical onscreen alerts let you know about dangerous conditions like over heating or clipping. Individual Supervise windows let you drill down to the source of the problem and (subject to password protected access)take action to correct it before the audience becomes aware that the equipment is under stress.

During normal operation, loudspeaker and group icons display green status bars. A yellow bar indicates a warning sign. Amplifier or transducer failure turns the status bar to red. Double-clicking on a group icon reveals which loudspeaker is being pushed outside safe tolerance limits. Double clicking that loudspeaker icon opens the Supervise window, which presents the operator with detailed information.

RHAON also includes remote monitoring and supervision functions like Event Logging and notification via email. Although RHAON is not pre-certified as a life safety or audio evacuation system, its extensive control and monitoring features have been engineered to meet the stringent requirements of most local governmental authorities.

Product FAQs

RHAON (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network) software platform makes it easy to connect and network multiple power loudspeakers (-RN, -RD1, -RD) using standard Ethernet cabling and devices. As a default, no IP settings are required and every PC set to obtain IP will connect to the loudspeakers when RHAON software is launched. Our 360 degrees platform guides you to find the best settings for the application, like our new URGO beams workflow, or to control loudspeaker-specific DSP functions and supervise the entire system from one place. It is user-friendly and constantly updated based on feedback from users. We are open to any new feature suggestions—do not hesitate to send us your comments!

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