Introducing ICONYX Gen5

Renkus-Heinz introduced the first Iconyx array nearly a decade ago – While other manufacturers have only recently discovered the power of beam steering, Renkus-Heinz continues to refine and perfect the technology. The de facto choice for the most demanding installations — from LAX International Airport to China’s Great Hall of the People — Renkus-Heinz is the world leader in steerable sound.

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Iconyx Gen5

The new standard in digitally steered arrays.

ICONYX Gen5 represents the latest in beam steering technology, integrating the power of advanced beam steering algorithms with the intuitive control of our new RHAON II System Designer software.

Faster  With direct TCP/IP control using industry-standard communications protocols, ICONYX Gen5 delivers a more than 200% increase in speed of operations.

Higher Output  New UniBeam technology and algorithms provide an additional 3-6dB of output potential.

Cost Effective Gen5 ICONYX adds Master and Slave amplifier modules, reducing both cost and complexity, and also introduces a new hybrid column, the IC16-8-RN. This new module uses three fixed triple-tweeter full range devices, coupled with five spaced low and mid frequency 4″ woofers, to extend the length and LF Beam control frequency while utilizing a single 8 channel amplifier module to keep costs down.

DanteTM Connectivity Gen5 ICONYX -RD versions include Dual Redundant Dante connectivity with audio transport and RHAON II control over the same DanteTM network interface.


RHAON II System Manager has been completely redesigned from the ground up, using highly structured modular code for greater stability and expandability. The result is a new, more robust RHAON technology — faster, more reliable, with a streamlined, intuitive workflow. RHAON II is easy to program, easy to use, and fully compatible with both Gen5 and legacy Renkus-Heinz products.

RHAON II’s new, network agnostic interface has been designed to work with tomorrow’s networking protocols as well as today’s. Currently supporting AVDECC IEEE1722.1, CobraNet, and AVB, RHAON II has been structured to allow easy implementation of new and emerging protocols, including Dante and AES67. Support for multiple NICs, and wireless operation makes RHAON II easy to integrate into existing network infrastructure.

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Introducing Iconyx Gen5

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