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Let us help you choose the right products and technology for your application.

Our team of experienced applications engineers and system designers will work closely with you to provide individually tailored solutions to ensure the best results.

Please provide as much information as possible: this will help us respond faster and increase the accuracy of our work. And, please review the guidelines below before submitting your request.

If you have any questions about how to submit your request or if there are any additional specifics we might need, please send your questions to:



Thank you for your interest in Renkus-Heinz. You probably already know that our advanced sound technologies come in many shapes and sizes. We’re here to help you by recommending loudspeakers and associated electronics that we feel will best fit the acoustics of the venue, the ways your client plans to use the space, and the project budget.

PLAN and SECTION drawings are the most important pieces of information you can provide us. They should be dimension-able drawings that show the floor, balcony, and any choir seating areas as well as section views that provide accurate heights and angles of the seating areas as well as the ceiling and possible mounting locations. Please find samples below:

Plan View

Section View

Please understand that we can only recommend loudspeakers, controllers and electronics manufactured by Renkus-Heinz. We can only suggest approximate positions for the speakers, and we cannot tell you how to hang them. Our recommendations are not designs and should not be represented as designs – if you need a complete design, we will be glad to send you a list of consultants who can provide one for a reasonable fee. If we feel that your project is so large and/or complex that a consultant is required, we can decline to recommend a loudspeaker solution, and in that case we would refer you to a consultant.

We will carefully review the information you supply on the form below, apply our product knowledge and experience, and make our best recommendation. Depending on our workload, it may take two or three days before we are able to respond to your request. We will try to follow your vision, but the solution may not be what you originally had in mind. However, we are normally only able to make one recommendation – unfortunately we simply don’t have time to explore multiple “what-if” scenarios.

One final cautionary note: we’ll make every effort to recommend speakers and associated electronics that will meet and exceed your expectations when you install them, but we can’t be held responsible for any system’s ultimate performance.

Loudspeaker Recommendation Form

    We’re working through a few kinks on our Loudspeaker Recommendation Form. We appreciate your patience while we improve our process, and we look forward to working with you.

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    AuditoriumCouncil ChamberGymnasiumHouse of WorshipLecture HallNightclubPerforming Arts CenterStadiumTheaterOther

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    Less than 250250-499500-9991000-19992000-3999Other

    SpeechLight Music/SpeechConcert Type (jazz, classical, rock)PagingFull MusicOther

    Mono, Center ClusterMono, Exploded ClusterMono, Semi-DistributedStereoLeft-Center-RightMatrixed LCRLCR with SurroundRequestedPortable / MobileUnknown

    New ConstructionRemodelExisting


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