P Series


P Series

The P Series represents the pinnacle of point-source performance from Renkus-Heinz.

Packed with advanced proprietary horn and driver technologies, P Series premium loudspeakers deliver crystal-clear sound quality even at extreme sound pressure levels — so you can enjoy perfect performance, show after show.

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Searching for stellar dynamic range, the highest definition and crystal-clear intelligibility to boost the power of your live sound package? Our premium P Series loudspeakers deliver unparalleled performance, show after show.


Elegant Design, Powerful Performance

A perfect marriage of sleek design and powerful technology, the P Series features the latest proprietary innovations and advanced technologies from Renkus-Heinz. Equipped with third-generation Complex Conic horn geometry and patented CoEntrant Mid/High driver technology, P Series loudspeakers deliver uncompromising fidelity and extreme SPL – all from ultra-compact, easily handled cabinets.

All P Series models are self-powered with built-in Renkus-Heinz SA Series Amplifiers, so there’s no compromises in sonics, output or protection. The integrated multi-channel amplifiers precisely match the power demands of the transducers, giving you the necessary crossover and monitoring for unparalleled performance, every time.


Ready for Any Challenge

From mains and fills to stage and control room monitoring, the P Series has you covered, bringing Renkus-Heinz’s industry-leading sound quality center stage.

Adaptable to meet your needs, the P Series is built to order at our factory headquarters in California, USA. Options include multiple horn dispersions, mounting and mobile kits, custom color matching and weatherproofing. With a comprehensive accessory package, the P Series is ready to solve any of the acoustical and logistical challenges that can often crop up in live sound reinforcement.



  • Live Performance: On show night, performers are looking for quick, efficient set-up and transport – without compromising on sound quality. Traditional systems can be cumbersome and time consuming to build before a show. That’s why live sound professionals are going with the P Series – they’re a breeze to transport and deploy, gig after gig. And while other compact speakers struggle to provide enough power for large venues, the P Series delivers pristine, powerful sound to everyone in the audience


  • Venues & Events: Theaters, nightclubs, houses of worship and smaller venues of all kinds need high-quality sound systems as flexible as the events they host. With a compact, self-powered design and a range of mounting accessories, P Series speakers make installation a breeze. Dante audio connectivity ensures the P Series integrates easily into any system.


  • Hospitality & Leisure: With sleek, compact design and powerful technology, P Series loudspeakers blend easily into background while delivering premium audio experience for any hotel, casino, theme park or resort. And optional weatherproofing provides extra resilience for outdoor settings for reliable performance, rain or shine.