Direct Radiating Subwoofers

Cutting edge high-power woofers and large rock-solid enclosures in a classic vented direct radiating design provide the natural uncolored sub bass favored by audio professionals around the world.

Wherever audiences and operators demand the ultimate in sub bass performance, the DR18-2R and DRS18-2B subwoofers deliver the emotional impact obtainable only from 18 inch subwoofers.

All DR18-2R subwoofers are RHAON empowered for flexible analog and digital signal distribution and loudspeaker management and control over a standard Ethernet network.

DR18-2R Self-Powered 18″ Subwoofers with integral PM-2LR amplifier and loudspeaker specific signal processing and protection also include RHAON for flexible digital signal distribution, loudspeaker management and control.

DRS18-2B Non-Powered Subwoofers offer the same high performance as the self-powered DR18-2R series only externally powered.

• Powerful 18″ Subwoofers
Provide high-impact, high-level (136 dB peak SPL on the DRS18-2B) sub-bass performance.

• High Power, High Performance Woofers
With long throw magnetic structures assure linear cone movement at all power levels.

• Great Versatility
All DR18-2R and DRS18-2B subwoofers are available in either portable or fixed installation versions in a wide choice of finishes. Weather resistant models are also available.

PM-2LR Digital Amplifier

Passive or self-powered and networked, you can choose the system configuration that meets your needs. Select the DRS18-2B when the project dictates the use of external amplifiers and the self-powered DR18-2R for convenience and control in other applications.

The PM-2LR, the heart of the PowerNet DR18-2R is a new kind of intelligent electronic system. It combines Class D digital amplification with RHAON, the Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network for comprehensive DSP controlled signal processing and control.

RHAON empowers you with CobraNet digital audio distribution, user configurable DSP for maximum control, remote systems management from any Windows computer, life safety functions and more – all using standard Ethernet hardware and cable.

The PM-2LR has dual analog inputs, dual CobraNet inputs and an AES3 serial input. The onboard DSP is easily configured using RHAON software; it includes eight bands of parametric EQ, high and low shelving filters, delay and input level control. Critical operating parameters such as signal clipping, amplifier output voltage and current, and temperature are continually monitored with automatic alert functions.


• Virtually any application where the visceral impact obtainable only from high power 18″ subwoofers is required.

• Multi-channel A/V playback systems, live sound and music systems in clubs and disco’s, performing art centers, theaters, houses of worship, etc.

• High quality speech and music systems, surround sound systems, board room systems, etc.

• A/V rentals, portable sound systems for performing artists and lecturers, small bands, choral groups, etc.

Technical Information

Sensitivity: DRS18-2B 101 dB (1 W/1m) @ 50 HZ
DR18-2R 1.4 V (for rated power output)
Max SPL: DRS18-2B 133 dB Pgm, 136 dB peak
DR18-2R 133 dB Pgm, 135 dB peak
Freq. Response: All Models 32 Hz to 120 Hz
LF Drivers: DRS18-2B Model SSL18-7, 18″ cone woofer; each 800 W Pgm @ 8 Ohms
DR18-2R Dual model SSL18-7, 18″ cone woofer; each 800 W Pgm @ 4 Ohms
Power: DRS18-2B 1600 W Pgm @ 4 Ohms
DR18-2R See PM-2LR amplifier specifications
Connectors: DRS18-2B Looping Neutrik 4-pin connectors or screw terminals
DR18-2R See PM-2LR specifications
Enclosure: All Models 13 ply hardwood, heavily braced; perforated metal
Finish: All Models Black or white paint
Natural (unfinished)
Custom colors
Weather resistant
Hardware: All Models Handles
Metric M10 universal mounting hardware
PM3-WRKIT WR amplifier cover kit
Dimensions: All Models 24″ H x 48″ W x 24″ D
(61 cm x 121.9 cm x 61 cm)
Weight: DRS18-2B 185 Lbs (68.4 kg) Net
DR18-2R 204 Lbs (92.5 kg) Net