Powerful and versatile, the IC² system’s four 8-inch low frequency Neodymium transducers and four 1-inch throat Titanium Nitride coated HF drivers deliver powerful sound levels that belie their compact size. IC² cabinets can be employed individually as a stand-alone high-performance loudspeaker, ground stacked as a small array, or flown in larger, multi-cabinet arrays for even more output and greater control.


Digitally Steerable Array Technology
Steerable by ± 30º in the vertical plane – “dead” hang the array and adjust the aiming with the RHAON control software.

Variable Beamwidth Control
Vertical opening angles are adjustable from 10 to 80 degrees per beam, even from a single cabinet. With multiple cabinets beams as tight as 5 degrees can be deployed.

Variable Acoustic Centers
Use a single acoustic center, or employ multiple beams with multiple acoustic centers positioned virtually anywhere within the array.

Integral DSP controlled 8-channel Class D digital amplifiers provide 60 Hz to 20 kHz high level performance.

Powerful – High Output
A single cabinet can deliver up to 131 dB peak SPL at 1 meter, over 100 dB at 30 meters – and even higher levels from multi-cabinet arrays.

One-Touch Presets – Intuitive Software
RHAON empowered IC2 arrays provide a full set of remote control and supervisory functions, along with the ability to store up to 10 preset setup configurations in memory.

Multiple Inputs – Greater Versatility
IC2 cabinets offer a wide range of inputs; standard analog, AES/EBU serial digital and multi-channel CobraNet digital audio.

Advanced Transducers
Audiophile quality transducers with highly efficient voicecoil and magnet designs ensure that IC2 offers unsurpassed audio quality while offering all the benefits of a high-output steerable array.


Technical Information

Sensitivity: 1.0 V (for rated power output)
Freq. Range: 60 Hz to 20 kHz
Max SPL: 131 dB peak @ 1 meter
(+ 100 dB peak @ 30 meters)
Horiz. Dispersion: 120° (90° optional)
Vert. Opening Angles: 10° to 80° (computer adjustable)
Aiming Angle: adjustable from -30° to +30°
Beam Control: Effective down to 800 Hz (Lower when stacked)
No. Transducers: Four 8” audiophile quality cone transducers
Four 1” HF titanium nitride compression drivers
No. Amp. Channels: 8
Power Required: Universal 90/260 VAC, 50/60Hz. 80 VA Idle; 2000 VA @ rated power output
Inputs: Analog Audio & AES Inputs: Looping XLR (female in, male out) and Phoenix 6 pin (looping 3-in, 3-out)
CobraNet: Dual RJ45 connectors (for CAT 5e cable)
Power Connector: Powercon locking connector
Controls: Mute button
Up & Down Output Level push buttons
10 dB Input pad (on Analog 1 input)
Push-To-Reset circuit breaker, Preset Selector
Computer Controls: Gain, Mute, On/Standby, Input Selection, Compression, 8-Band Parametric EQ, Shelving & Rolloff Filters, Delay
Status Indicators: Power, Signal, Overdrive, Thermal, Mute, Input Pad, Failure, Digital Readout
Network Digital Format: 16, 20 or 24 bit PCM; 48 or 96 kHz sample rate; selectable network latency
Hanging Method: R-Hang Flying hardware, Metric #10 attachment points.
Enclosure: Finnish Birch, perforated steel grille
Finish: Black or white paint
Weight: 126 Lbs (58 Kg) Net
Dimensions: 18.5” H x 28.5” W x 11.25” D
(47 cm x 72.4 cm x 28.6 cm)