Line Array Loudspeaker Systems

PNX102LA series line arrays unite advanced technology and application-driven engineering to bring vertical line array technology closer to the ultimate reference point: reality. Designed for the most demanding environments, PN/PNX102LA series line arrays are fully integrated electroacoustic systems with all elements optimized to deliver unequalled fidelity and coverage. When the venue calls for a high-powered vertical array, PN/PNX102LA is the logical choice for demanding designers, operators and audiences.

PNX102LA Non-Powered Loudspeakers
For use with external amplification.

Key Features

• Heavy Duty Flying Hardware
Safely flies columns of up to 12 units, provides a wide range of aiming angles.

• Easy Rigging – Designed to Travel
Assembles easily, light in weight.

• Flexible Input Configurations
Choose passive inputs.

• Exclusive Isophasic Plane Wave Generator
Provides constant beamwidth/directivity down to 300 Hz.

• Unique Acoustic Diffractor Baffle
Eliminates mid-frequency narrowing, provides consistent horizontal coverage.

• Dual 1-inch Mylar HF Drivers and Dual 10-inch Woofers
Provide smooth, low distortion performance from 60 Hz to 18 kHz and beyond.


• Virtually any application where outstanding sonic performance is required and sound level and coverage needs cannot be satisfied with a conventional horizontal loudspeaker array.

• Portable touring sound systems for both small and large concert venues, corporate AV events, etc.

• Sound reinforcement systems in large Houses of Worship, Performing Arts Centers, Sports Arenas, Theaters and other similar venues.

Technical Information

Sensitivity: PNX102LA 100 dB (1W/1m)
Max SPL: PNX102LA Highs: 136 dB peakLows: 136 dB peak
Dispersion: 150° Horiz.; Vertical disp. determined by array design
Freq. Response: 60 Hz to 18 kHz
MID/HF Drivers: Two 1” SSD1803-8 compression drivers; 8 Ohms, 50 W RMS, 100 W Pgm each
LF Drivers: Two 10″ model SSL10-7 woofers; 8 Ohms, 200 W RMS; 400 W Pgm each
Crossover: 1.0 kHz
Power Rating: PNX102LA Lows: 800 W Pgm @ 16 OhmsHighs: 200 W Pgm @ 16 Ohms
Enclosure: Multi-ply hardwood, perforated metal grille
Connectors: PNX102LA Neutrik 4-pin, screw terminals
Finish: Black, White or Natural (unfinished) paintCustom color optionalWeather resistant optional (TuffTex (black only) or Fiberglass (custom colors available))
Hardware Options: RHANG102LA Flybar102DOLLY DollyCOVER102 Padded cover (4 units)PN Weather Resistant Kit
Dimensions: PNX102LA 12″ H x 23 3/4″ W x 16″ D(30.5 cm x 60.3 cm x 40.6 cm)
Weight: PNX102LA 72 Lbs (32.7 kg) Net