RH/RHX Series enclosures represent the very best in point source portable PA systems. The RH Series is a build-to-order system featuring a dual wedge angle design and exceptionally versatile rigging and mounting options. Self-powered models offer advanced power modules with user-friendly presets. All models include screw thread points and a range of mounting hardware.

The RH/RHX123 is a powerful three-way loudspeaker in an enclosure as compact as most two-way designs. Incorporating a powerful 12″ woofer and an all new CDT-3 Co-Entrant Mid-High device this is a truly versatile product that has won awards for its sound quality.

The CDT-3 incorporates a 6.5″ Mid-Frequency woofer with a 3″ diaphragm VC High-Frequency compression driver. With both mid and high frequencies emanating from the same waveguide, the challenges of off-axis crossover notching are effectively eliminated. The result is the ultimate in sonic quality and performance, and unrivaled consistency of coverage.

Featuring a dual angle cabinet design RH/RHX123 can be used as a low profile, unobtrusive, floor monitor allowing you to choose between a 30 or 45 degree angle depending on the application.

RH versions are self-powered, incorporating two- or three-way amplifier modules with built-in DSP and four factory presets. RHX versions are non-powered and designed to work with external amplification.

Technical Information

Sensitivity: RH123 1.0V for RPO
RHX123 98 dB (1W/1m)
Freq. Range: All Models 50 Hz to 20 kHz
Max SPL: RH123 127 dB peak @ 1 meter
RHX123 LF: 137 dB peak @ 1 meter
M/H: 135 dB peak @ 1 meter
Dispersion: All Models 90° x 60° standard, 90° x 90° also available
Power Rating: RHX123 Lows: 500 W AES @ 8 Ohms
M/H: 300 W AES @ 8 Ohms
Transducers: All Models Mid-High driver, RH model CDT-3
12” woofer; RH model SSL12-17
Connectors: RH123 Looping XLR, Looping PowerCon
RHX123 Looping Neutrik 4-pin Speakon
Enclsure: All Models Multi-ply hardwood, perforated steel grille
Finish: All Models Black or White Paint
Weight: All Models 68 Lbs (30.9 Kg) Net
Dimensions: All Models 28 1/2” H x 14 1/4” W x 13 1/2” D
(72.4 cm x 37 cm x 34.3 cm)