SA-Series Amps


SA-Series Amps

Designed and built in the USA, Renkus-Heinz SA Series represents a new and powerful technology designed to unify all Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers across connectivity and control platforms.

SA Series Amplifier Modules

Renkus-Heinz SA Series Amplifiers are designed to provide the cleanest possible sound quality and performance, even with the most complex audio signals. Renkus-Heinz SA Amplifiers enable all Renkus-Heinz loudspeaker models to be freely combined. Offering full networking capabilities, RHAON II control and monitoring, connection via a choice of Analog, AES/EBU, or Dante™ input.

Renkus-Heinz SA Series Amplifiers are available in three models. The SA-625 amplifier outputs 500W + 125W; the SA-1250 outputs 1000W + 250W in two-way configuration and 500W + 500W + 250W in three-way mode; and the SA-2000 which can be configured for single channel with 2000W into 4 ohm, or 2 channels of 1000W each into 8 ohm or 3 channels with 1000W, 500W and 250W. With power to spare, SA-625 Amplifiers deliver enough power to drive two 6″ or 8″ C or T loudspeakers, substantially lowering system cost.

All SA Series Amplifiers are equipped with native DSP, including delay, equalization and nine available preset memories. Standard inputs are Analog and AES, with Dante™ optional, as are Fiber Optic inputs Ethernet connectivity and control is standard with RHAON II. Any pause in program audio triggers proprietary Amplifier Mute.

Key Features
• High performance Class D technology
• Integrated multi-channel DSP
• Volume, Mute, up to 340ms Delay, 8 band PEQ
• RHAON II Control and monitoring
• Multi-band thermal and peak protection
• Flexible input options
“A” Analog Only
“RN” Analog and AES/EBU with Ethernet and RHAON
“RD” Dante™ with redundant Dante network

Optional Optical Fiber connections

Proprietary Features
• Nine user presets (Three factory presets)
• Enhanced S/N with automatic Mute on program pause
• Instant fail-over (2ms) from Dante to Analog


Technical Specifications

Total Power (Watts): SA625 625W
SA1250 1250W
SA2000 2000W
Channel Configuration: SA625 500W + 125W @ 80
SA1250 Two Channel Model
1000W + 250W @ 80
Three Channel Model
500W, 40 + 500W, 40 + 250W, 80
SA2000 Two Channel Model
1000W + 1000W Peak @ 80
Three Channel Model
1000W, 80 + 500W, 40 + 250W, 80
Frequency Response: All Models 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-0.5 dB
THD Distortion + Noise: All Models < 0.5%
CMRR: All Models 65 dB
Output Stage Topology: All Models Class D, Zero Feedback
Input Impedance: All Models 20k Ohm Balanced differential
Sensitivity: All Models 1.4 V for RPO
Max Analog Input Level: All Models +21 dBu
Latency: All Models 6.68 ms Analog In
6.125 ms AES/EBU In
6.25 ms Dante In
Power Connector: SA625 powerCON TRUE1 inlet connector
powerCON TRUE1 inlet-outlet combination connector
Power Required / Requirements: All Models 100-240V AC (50/60 Hz)
Current Draw:
Idle Current Draw: SA625 20 mA @ 110v
15 mA @ 220V
30 mA @ 110v
20 mA @ 220v
1/8 Maximum Output Power Current Draw: SA625 1.0 A @ 110v
0.5 A @ 220v
2.0 A @ 110v
1.0 A @ 220v
1/3 Power Current Draw: SA625 2.0 A @ 110v
1.0 A @ 220v
4.0 A @ 110v
2.0 A @ 220v
Max Inrush Current Draw (Soft Start): SA625 1.0 A @ 110v
0.5 A @ 220v
2.0 A @ 110v
1.0 A @ 220v
Thermal Dissipation:
Idle Thermal Dissipation: SA625 58 BTU/hr or 15 kcal/hr
78 BTU/hr or 20 kcal/hr
1/8 Power Thermal Dissipation: SA625 304 BTU/hr or 77 kcal/hr
SA1250 607 BTU/hr or 153 kcal/hr
SA2000 1215 BTU/hr or 306 kcal/hr
1/3 Power Thermal Dissipation: SA625 713 BTU/hr or 180 kcal/hr
SA1250 1426 BTU/hr or 359 kcal/hr
SA2000 2853 BTU/hr or 719 kcal/hr
Inputs / Connectors:
Analog/AES3: All Models XLR-3, Looping
Control (RHAON): All Models Ethercon RJ45
Dante™ (Optional): All Models Ethercon RJ45
Controls, Back Panel: All Models Input Select, Preset Select, Volume
RHAON Control: All Models Input Select, Preset Select, Volume, Mute, Delay up to 340 ms, 8 band EQ, HP, LP, High & Low Shelf
Status Indicator LEDs: All Models Signal Present, Fault
Driver Protection: All Models Multi-band thermal and peak driver protection limiting on all channels