CS Series (Legacy)


CS Series (Legacy)

Integrating Innovations for Breakthrough Performance

CS series ceiling loudspeakers integrate several physical solutions to longstanding acoustical problems. Complex Conic horns provide superior pattern control and more natural reproduction. Patented CoEntrant topology creates a new type of wideband, low distortion point source transducer. Quad Source design provides exceptional low frequency control in both planes, reducing spillover between loudspeakers. The result is a system that redefines reference quality in large scale overhead distributed systems.

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Acoustically Coherent Topologies
Are integrated in high performance systems for applications that demand 126 dB peak SPL and reference quality output.

CoEntrant Topology (U.S. Pat. 5,526,456)
Integrates a midrange cone and HF compression driver into a true point source with inherent time-alignment.

Complex Conic Horn Design
Complex Conic horns provide superior pattern control and more natural sound.

Three-Way Design
Fully passive three way design provides reference quality sound reproduction.

Quad Source Directivity
Provides effective low frequency pattern control in the vertical and horizontal planes.

Choice of Coverage Patterns
90 x 90 and 60 x 60 patterns are ideally suited to overhead distributed applications requiring pattern control not available from traditional 12-inch co-axial speakers.