DAT’S RHAON Controlled Sound Gives

March 12, 2011

Borlänge, Sweden | March, 2011 – Romme Trotting racetrack in the Swedish city of Borlänge has taken delivery of one of the first RHAON (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network) installations in Sweden.

Robert Nilsson, from Swedish design and installation company DAT AB, which was awarded the design and installation contract, says: “We were called in for an AV meeting as part of their complete restoration of the horse owners’ room. I made a presentation of all the benefits a RHAON controlled sound system would have, not only for the horse owners’ room but on also on the whole race track, and he was very quick to agree.”

The horse owners’ room, located within the race track’s main building, is exclusively accessible to trotting race horse owners. It provides an excellent view over the race track’s finishing line through tall windows, and has a relaxing lounge area and a snack bar. The race track owners also use this room for private meetings, company events and the like.

Nilsson recommended a RHAON controlled system to provide superb sound for race day commentaries, safety information and background music, but which would also be capable of delivering full-range music for smaller corporate events with user-friendly control. It would also be capable of full integration with the existing Symnet installation.

The DAT team analyzed the Horse room’s acoustical coverage in EASE 4.3, simulating both coverage and STI. Nilsson continues: “I wanted to go for Iconyx first but after some cooperation with the architect we decided to go for a smaller top speaker and hidden subs.” The final system design comprised compact Renkus-Heinz CF61-2R mid/high cabinets and SG12S-5R subwoofers.

Says Nilsson: “We made the final tuning using both EASERA and SysTune since we had time to play with both the systems. We ended up with a good result and an STI of 0.68 – a result that even we found hard to believe at first.”

Christer Sjölund, Racetrack Manager, is happy to confirm: “We are delighted with Robert Nilsson of DAT AB for his solution that includes some presets for us to tailor the sound system to our needs. We will continue to invest in more RHAON-equipped Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers on the other part of the tracks, as our race track is very large and we have many places to run sound from. I really like the supervision and control functionality that RHAON delivers.”