Renkus-Heinz All Weather System Powers German Stadium

March 12, 2010

Foothill Ranch, CA | March, 2010 – A high power, weatherized and digitally networked Renkus-Heinz PA system has been installed for west German football club Alemannia Aachen at its New Tivoli stadium in Aachen.

The stadium’s architects were tasked with retaining the ambience of the club’s old ground, especially its reputation for crowd noise. The tall, steep stands are close to the pitch, and the low suspended steel roof with a 3m glass lip was also designed to boost noise levels. Bundesliga regulations permit both seated and standing spectators, with 11,681 of the 32,900 total capacity standing on terraces 80 rows high behind each goal.

Stephan van der Kooi, project manager for stadium owner and operator Alemannia, comments: “The old Tivoli was a very English kind of soccer stadium, and it was known for the loudness of its crowd, and we wanted to retain that feeling.”

System IT and communications integrators Scanvest won the installation bid, with technical support from Renkus-Heinz’s German distributor Atlantic Audio. An IP-based audio network extends throughout the bowl and numerous hospitality areas inside.

Using Renkus-Heinz self-powered loudspeakers throughout, with the company’s RHAON (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network) handling loudspeaker control and Media Matrix Nion as the network backbone, the system was designed for maximum flexibility.

Announcements, entertainment and voice evacuation content can be routed into the main bowl as well as a series of restaurants, bars, press rooms and VIP club rooms.

The bowl’s design dictated that a ring of loudspeakers, modeled in EASE, had to be mounted close to the roof where the steel meets the glass lip, and finished in the club’s shade of yellow.

Scanvest’s Frank Martin says: “We had a big discussion about the issue of using self-powered loudspeakers or not.

“We were able to show that a self-powered system under the stadium roof is a reliable solution, because of Renkus-Heinz’s experience with weatherized active systems. It has the big advantages that if one amplifier fails, only one loudspeaker stops working, and it’s more cost effective because there’s no air conditioned amp rooms or heavy cabling – each loudspeaker runs from a CAT-5 cable and mains.Renkus-Heinz’s IP solution with RHAON technology and CobraNet is ideal for projects like this.”

58 cabinets were specified in all. For the bowl, 17 ST7M/94R CoEntrant mid/high cabinets facing downwards are alternated with 17 ST7/94R full range triamplified 3-way CoEntrant cabinets facing upwards to cover the upper tiers, exploiting the Complex Conic horn’s tight directional control.

12 compact Sygma SG151-52R cabinets serve the front of the business lounges, with eight SG121-52Rs for the VIP area and six SG121-5 cabinets under the giant video screen. Finally, two CF81-2 loudspeakers cover the press room and 20 CF61-2 cabinets serve the Business Lounge.

RHAON system management is performed from a laptop in the main stadium control room, along with the Media Matrix control, while CobraNet points at the breakout boxes allow both systems to be adjusted from around the venue. Stephan van der Kooi observes:

“The crowd of course has been the biggest judge of the new system – it’s the strongest feedback we get. After we opened we changed a few settings and ordered four extra speakers. Now the fans are happy and after the first games here it was perfect.”