Three-Way Quad-8-inch Mid/High CoEntrant Complex Conic Loudspeaker System

Non-powered STX4 Series loudspeakers unite advanced technology and application-driven engineering to bring live sound closer to the ultimate reference point: reality. Patented CoEntrant M/H transducers and unique innovations such as our Complex Conic Horns combine to deliver natural sounding music and intelligible speech. Wherever audiences and operators demand superior performance and ease of use, ST/STX Series loudspeakers are an excellent choice for transparent, reference quality performance.


STX4 loudspeakers are non-powered, for use with external amplification.

Key Features

Compact Three-way Mid/High Loudspeaker Module
50 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response, high-level 133 dB peak SPL performance

Flexible Input Configurations
External bi-amplification.

Quad-8 Doublet Low Frequency Design
Provides superior low frequency directionality in both horizontal and vertical planes.

Exclusive Complex Conic Design
Provides constant beamwidth/directivity without the issues associated with conventional rectangular horns.

Patented CoEntrant Topology
Integrates the acoustic output of an 8-inch cone and a 1-inch HF driver into a wideband, high-power true point source

TRAP (True Array Principle) Design
ST4R and STX4 loudspeakers are true 40° TRAP modules that combine seamlessly to produce a phase aligned wave front virtually free of lobing.

Choice of Coverage Patterns
40° by 40°, 60° by 40° and 90° by 40° coverage patterns.


Virtually any application where directional control and array-ability are critical issues and outstanding sonic performance is required.

• Distributed systems in sports arenas and stadiums.

• Multi-channel A/V playback systems, live sound and music systems in dance clubs (with optional subwoofers)

• Side fill in all types of sound reinforcement systems.

• Array modules for theatrical and concert sound systems, sound reinforcement systems in houses of worship.

Technical Information

Max SPL: STX4/44
Lows: 133 dB Peak
Mids: 130 dB Peak
Highs: 131 dB Peak
Dispersion: STX4/44 40° H x 40° V
STX4/64 60° H x 40° V
STX4/94 90° H x 40° V
Freq. Response: All Models 50 Hz to 18 kHz
Mid/High Drivers: All Models CDT-1L; SSD1802S-8B 1″ HF (40 W RMS) & SSL8-9 8″MF (150 W RMS)
LF Drivers: All Models Four 8″model SSL8-12 woofers; 2.5″ VC; 200 W RMS (800 W RMS total)
Crossover Points: All Models 600 Hz & 1500 Hz
Power: STX4/44
Lows: 800 W RMS @ 4 Ohms
Mid/Highs: 150 W RMS
@ 8 Ohms
Enclosure: All Models Multi-ply hardwood, perforated metal grille
Connectors: STX4/44
Neutrik 4-pin connectors or screw terminals
Finish: All Models Black, White or Natural (unfinished) paint
Custom Color
Weather Resistant
TuffTex (black only)
Hardware: All Models 12-point Universal Mounting Hardware
AeroQuip fly-track
R-Hang hardware
Dimensions: All Models 30 1/4″ H x 16 5/8″ W x 23 1/2″ D
(76.8 cm x 42.2 cm x 59.7 cm)
Weight: STX4/44
110 Lbs (49.9 kg) Net