High Power Mid/High CoEntrant Complex Conic Loudspeakers

Non-powered STX5M2 Series loudspeakers unite advanced technology and application-driven engineering to bring live sound closer to the ultimate reference point: reality. Patented CoEntrant Mid/Hi transducers, and unique innovations like our Complex Conic Horns combine to deliver natural sounding music and intelligible speech. Wherever audiences and operators demand superior performance and ease of use, ST/STX Series loudspeakers are an excellent choice for transparent, reference quality performance.


STX5M2 loudspeakers are non-powered, for use with external amplification.

Key Features

Compact Three-way Design – Unparalleled Performance
Accurate, 350 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response, high-level 138 dB peak SPL performance

Flexible Input Configurations
Choose the STX5M2 with external bi-amplification.

High Output CDT-2A CoEntrant Driver
CDT-2A CoEntrant driver with 3-inch throat, plus a 10-inch mid-range transducer with 3-inch throat and dual Complex Conic Array guides provide 350 Hz to 18 kHz response, 138 dB peak SPL.

Exclusive Complex Conic Design
Provides constant beamwidth/directivity without the issues associated with conventional rectangular horns.

Patented CoEntrant Topology
Integrates the acoustic output of a 10-inch cone and a 2-inch HF driver into a wideband, high-power true point source

TRAP (True Array Principle) Design
STX5M2/42 models are true 40° TRAP modules that combine seamlessly to produce a phase aligned wave front virtually free of lobing.

Choice of Coverage Patterns
Choose between tightly controlled 40° by 20° and 90° by 20° coverage patterns.


Virtually any application where directional control and arrayability are critical issues and outstanding sonic performance is required.

• Distributed systems in sports arenas and stadiums.

• As a companion to the ST5LR and STX5L low frequency enclosures in high-power 2-box systems.

• Multi-channel A/V playback systems, live sound and music systems in dance clubs (with optional subwoofers)

• Side fill in all types of sound reinforcement systems.

• Array modules for theatrical and concert sound systems, sound reinforcement systems in houses of worship

Technical Information

Sensitivity: STX5M2/42
Mids: 104 dB
Highs: 109 dB
Max SPL: STX5M2/42
Mids: 138 dB Peak
Highs: 134 dB Peak
Dispersion: STX5M2/42 40° H x 20° V
STX5M2/92 90° H x 20° V
Freq. Response: All Models 350 Hz to 18 kHz
Mid/High Drivers: All Models CDT-2A; SSD3202-8A 2″ HF (75 W RMS) & SSL10-5 10″ MF (300 W RMS); plus SSL10-5 10” MF, 300 W RMS
Crossover Points: All Models 350 Hz & 1500 Hz
Power: STX5M2/42
600 W RMS @ 2 Ohms
Enclosure: All Models Multi-ply hardwood, perforated metal grille
Connectors: STX5M2/42
Neutrik 4-pin connectors or screw terminals
Finish: All Models Black, White or Natural (unfinished) paint
Custom Color
Weather Resistant
TuffTex (black only)
Hardware: All Models 12-point Universal Mounting Hardware
AeroQuip fly-track
R-Hang hardware
Dimensions: All Models 32″ H x 24″ W x 32 1/4″ D
(81.3 cm x 61 cm x 81.9 cm)
Weight: STX5M2/42
150 Lbs (68 kg) Net