IC² (Legacy)


IC² (Legacy)

Delivering incredible power and performance, IC² is truly the most flexible loudspeaker available today.

Just one IC² can deliver as many as four individually controllable beams of sound. Array multiple IC² and you have a truly steerable line array – all dead hung from a single point.

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Steered Beam Technology, Squared

Combining the advantages of point source design with the control and flexibility of digitally steered array technology, IC² digitally steerable loudspeaker modules and arrays offer an elegant and innovative solution to the most challenging acoustical problems. Individual driver control delivers unequalled vertical pattern control for maximum intelligibility. IC² beams can be steered up or down while the stack or array remains vertical.

Powerful and versatile, the IC² system’s four 8-inch low frequency Neodymium transducers and four 1-inch throat Titanium Nitride coated HF drivers deliver powerful sound levels that belie their compact size. Whether employed individually as a stand-alone high-performance loudspeaker, ground stacked as a small array, or flown in larger, multi-cabinet arrays for even more output and greater control, IC² is an ideal solution for everything from delivering intelligible speech and cutting through crowd noise to shaking the rafters at rock concerts.
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Point Source Clarity • Line Array Power

IC2 loudspeaker systems are both powerful and versatile. As a stand alone loudspeaker, the IC2 will deliver over 100 dB SPL of audiophile quality audio at 100 feet.

Digitally controlled, the output of an IC2 can be delivered as a single, well controlled, vertical beam as tight as 10 degrees or as wide as 80 degrees. The beam center can be aimed over a 60 degree vertical range, up or down by 30 degrees. Horizontal dispersion is a consistent 120 degrees.

The IC2 output can also be designed into 2, 3 or even 4 sonic beams, each having its own acoustic center and each individually shaped and aimed – all adjustable from a remote computer over a simple Ethernet connection.

When combined with other IC2 loudspeakers in a vertical stack, IC2 becomes a powerful digitally steerable line array system whose output can be precisely shaped and aimed digitally without altering the straight line configuration of the array. Conventional line arrays are aimed by changing the array’s shape into a curve or “J” configuration – shapes that are more difficult to fly and aim, occupy more space and often interfere with sightlines. IC2 arrays always stand or hang straight and tall, while providing precise control over the array’s output. Up to 20 IC2 array modules and IC212S subwoofers can be flown in a single powerful array.

Key Features

• Digitally Steerable Array Technology
Steerable by +/- 30 degrees, “dead” hang the system and adjust the aiming from the RHAON control software.

• Variable Beamwidth Control
Adjustable vertical opening angle from 10 to 80 degrees per beam, even from a single cabinet. With multiple cabinets deploy beams as tight as 5 degrees for maximum control.

• Variable Acoustic Center
Place the acoustic center anywhere within the array, or for multiple beams choose multiple acoustic centers to best suit the application.

• Self-Powered
Integral DSP controlled, 8-channel Class D digital amplifiers provide 60 Hz to 20 kHz performance.

• Powerful
A single cabinet can deliver up to 131dB Peak SPL, over 100dB Peak at 30 meters – add even higher levels from multi-cabinet arrays.

• Versatile
Use as a stand-alone loudspeaker or as a line array module in ground stacked or flown line arrays.

• Advanced Transducers
Audiophile quality transducers with Neodymium magnets provide outstanding performance, reduce weight.