TRX Series (Legacy)


Compact Versatility, Outstanding Sound Quality and Efficient Reference Point Arrays

In today’s live sound environments, conventional loudspeaker technology is often not enough. True innovation and a commitment to push boundaries and go beyond the ordinary has been the hallmark of Renkus-Heinz since the beginning. The compact, two-way TRX Series reflects our commitment to innovation in every way – from the most advance transducers, to our unique Complex Conic horn topology, to multi-angle, multi-function enclosures.

TRX Series
TRX Series loudspeakers are engineered to deliver unrivaled price-to-performance in venues large and small, thanks to Renkus-Heinz engineering breakthroughs like TRAP (TRue Array Principle) and RPA (Reference Point Arrays). RPAs are fully integrated electro-acoustic systems, with signal processing, amplification, flying hardware and cabling all optimized to deliver superior fidelity and pattern control.

Complex Conic: The Next Step in Horn Evolution

Designed around the spherical expansion of the acoustic pressure wave, Complex Conic horns provide constant beamwidth / directivity without the problems of conventional rectangular horns. These unique waveguides eliminate low frequency “pattern flip. ” Their circular mouths have no corners to cause high frequency “feathering” and the
resulting distortion. Because they have no planar surfaces, Complex Conic horns also are less prone to in-band resonances than ordinary horns.

With extended pattern bandwidth, lower distortion and minimal coloration, Complex Conic horns work better and sound far more natural than ordinary horns.

Rotating Horns

TRX Series Complex Conic horns can easily be rotated 90 degrees within the enclosure, allowing the loudspeaker to be mounted either horizontally or vertically. We’ll do this at our factory at your request, or you can rotate the horn in the field to accommodate unexpected installation changes simply, cost effectively and conveniently.

In portable systems, you can use TRX Series loudspeakers as floor monitors one night and on tripod stands the next, just by rotating the horn.

Portable Options

All portable TRX models include tripod sockets and looping (in and out) Neutrik 4-pin Speak-on connectors. Handles are also provided, except for the ultra-compact TRX61, TRX62 and TRX81 models.

Installation Options

Installation models are normally provided with twelve 1/4-20 attachment points which allow the enclosures to be easily flown in any plane using eye bolts.

For wall or ceiling mounting applications, either U-brackets or Omnimount nut-plates and mounting hardware are available for the smaller TRX61, TRX62, TRX81 and TRX82 models.

Weather Resistant

TRX loudspeakers are also available with weatherized woofer cones and connectors, in weather resistant fiberglass or Tuffex Elastomer finishes that are practically impervious to the elements.


The standard TRX Series finish is flat black. Optional finishes include white, “natural” ready-to-stain (sanded, unfinished), black carpet, or custom colors.