The P3-10M was developed specifically high output stage monitoring in the most demanding environments and is also ideal for DJ Monitoring when stacked on top of additional subwoofers. The baffle angle is also ideal for surface mount side-fill or surround sound applications.

With standard RHAON remote PC control as well as amplifier panel controls, a whole host of DSP features are available for system tuning and alignment, including gain, polarity, equalization, delay, input selection, and 10 available presets for easy recall of saved settings.
Available Dante Audio Transport with redundant networking capabilities simplifies installation into existing networked audio systems while also providing AES67 compatibility.


Technical Data

Frequency Response: P3-10M-RN
65 Hz. to 20 kHz. (-3 dB)

50 Hz to 20 kHz (-10 dB)

Sensitivity: P3-10M-RN
1.4 volt for rated output, analog
Maximum Peak SPL: P3-10M-RN
130 dB-SPL (Peak, whole-space)
Dispersion: P3-10M-RN
90 h x 90 v
Crossover Frequency: P3-10M-RN
480 Hz & 2.5 kHz active electronic
Enclosure: P3-10M-RN
3/4 in./19 mm Lite Ply plywood
Grille: P3-10M-RN
16 GA powder coated, plated steel
Finish: P3-10M-RN
Black (RAL9010) or White (RAL9011) paint, standard. Custom colors optional.
Weight: P3-10M-RN
68.4 lbs/31 kg
Dimensions: P3-10M-RN
25-1/2″ w x 15-1/4″ h x 22″ d
648 mm w x 386 mm h x 560 mm d

SA1250 Amplifier Specifications

Audio Connections: All Models 2 x XLR-3, In & Loop-out, Analog and AES
All Models 2 x XLR-3, In & Loop-out, Analog and AES
2 x RJ45 Dante Primary & Secondary Ethernet
Max Input Level: All Models +22 dBu, Analog, 0 dBFS digital
Network Connections: All Models 2 x RJ45 Dante Primary & Secondary Ethernet/RHAON (Note: Dante and RHAON share a single or redundant Ethernet network.)
All Models 2 x RJ45, Looping Ethernet/RHAON
User DSP: All Models Eight fully parametric filters, high and low shelf, high and low pass filters, delay to 340 ms.
Software: All Models RHAON II
Power Output: All Models LF= 1000 watts, @ 8 oms / HF = 250 watts @ 8 ohms. Multi-band peak and thermal limiting on both channels protects the drivers.
Mains Voltage: All Models 100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz auto-switching
Power Consumption: All Models Idle: 200 mW. 1/8 power: 240 W (onset of limiting) 1/3 power: 550 W (hard limiting)
Power Connector: All Models Neutrik powerCON TRUE-1
Temperature Limits: All Models Max.: 140º F/60º C, with no direct sun exposure; Min.: -22º F/-30º C; leave unit on to keep interior warm below 32º F/0º C.
Latency: All Models 6.25 ms
All Models 6.25 ms Analog & AES
6.25 ms + Dante transport latency