STX Series (Legacy)


STX Series (Legacy)

Advanced Audio Technology

STX Series loudspeaker systems create the most innovative, versatile, high-performance loudspeakers available.

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STX Series

Reference Quality Audio
Patented Point Source CoEntrant Transducers and purpose-designed LF drivers produce unprecedented sound quality.
Unique Complex Conic Array-guides for superior pattern control with natural, undistorted sound.

Solid Reliability
Dedicated calibrated peak and RMS protection limiters for each driver.

TRue Array Principle (TRAP)
For coherent, seamless arrays in the horn’s operating band.

Complex Conic Horns
Designed around the spherical expansion of the acoustic pressure wave, Complex Conic Horns control dispersion more accurately at both the upper and lower extremes of their pattern bandwidth. Not only are they more effective than rectangular horns, they also sound far more natural.

Patented CoEntrant Transducers
The CoEntrant Mid-High driver is the first new method for converting electrical impulses into acoustic energy in decades. It combines a mid-range cone and high frequency compression driver into a wideband true point source with low distortion and high power. CoEntrant drivers loaded with Complex Conic horns offer smaller size, lower weight, inherent phase coherency and smoother frequency response compared to dual horn and Co-Axial topologies.

TRAP (TRue Array Principle) Design
By placing the acoustic center as far back in the enclosure as possible, TRAP design closely aligns the acoustic centers of arrayable loudspeakers. This unique design minimizes interference in multi-loudspeaker clusters.

RPA: The Plug and Play Array
Because each element of every ST sound reinforcement system can be addressed individually, ST Series is the ideal platform for Reference Point Array (RPA) systems integration.

RPA design is a complex process that integrates and optimizes signal processing, hanging hardware, drivers, waveguides and enclosures. RPAs deliver near-perfect array performance right out of the box.