Sygma Series (Legacy)


Sygma Series (Legacy)

Compact, Versatile Install & Mobile Loudspeaker Systems

Loudspeakers, amplifiers, signal processors, audio and control networks. SYGMA brings them all together to create a new kind of sound system, a new level of performance. World-class European transducers are paired with our advanced Complex Conic horns for audiophile reproduction that makes performances and audiences truly come alive.

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Compact, Versatile, and Powerful

PF Series Intelligent Digital Amplifiers can connect to RHAON, the Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network. RHAON gives you complete control of digital audio distribution, loudspeaker processing and system management.

The global SYGMA development and manufacturing process delivers unsurpassed quality and innovation, for performance and durability. Before we’ll ship them, your loudspeakers have to meet our exacting requirements.

PF Series Intelligent Amplifiers

Passive, powered or networked, you can choose the system configuration that meets your needs at any time. At the factory or in the field, the SGX passive connector plate can be easily replaced by one of five PF Series intelligent Class D digital amplifiers.

The PF series light weight switching power supplies are over 70% efficient at full output. Their high efficiency reducing AC power requirements and eliminating the need for a cooling fan.


Whenever you are ready for Ethernet audio networking, your Sygma loudspeakers are too. Just replace the connector plate or the PF series amplifier with a RHAON empowered amplifier equipped for connection to the Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network.

RHAON empowers you with full control over digital audio distribution, loudspeaker-specific DSP and control/monitoring – all using standard Ethernet hardware and cable.

Complex Conic Horns – Naturally Superior Design

Renkus-Heinz innovation takes many forms. None is as well known or widely respected as our Complex Conic horns. Their unique design is based on the spherical expansion of the acoustic pressure wave, so they don’t distort sound while controlling it, the way ordinary horns can.

The Complex Conic flare changes smoothly from a narrow diffraction slot, through an oval expansion, to a circular mouth. There’s no “pattern flip” at the low end of the range, or “feathering” at the high end – just smooth and consistent pattern control. Complex conic horns work better than ordinary horns, and they sound more natural too, with lower distortion an minimal coloration.

Complex Conic Horn Options

Available for SG/SGX81, SG/SGX121 and SG/SGX151 models. Horns can be rotated in the enclosure, for wide or deep coverage patterns using either vertical or horizontal mounting.

Installation Options

For wall or ceiling mounting applications, Omnimount nut-plates and mounting hardware are available on all models (Except for SGX41, SG/SGX42 and SG/SGX12S).

U-brackets are also available on all models (Except for SG/SGX42 and SG/SGX12S).