VARIAi (Legacy)


VARIAi (Legacy)

VARIAi Modular Installation Array

VARIAi Modular Installation Array Systems are designed to be the most flexible and versatile loudspeakers available. Highly configurable enclosures and ingenuous hardware make it easy to tailor each speaker to every application.

Integrating only the highest quality components, VARIAi employs powerful low-frequency woofers and lightweight neodymium Compression Drivers, all coupled to the most advanced cabinet and waveguide designs. The result is a system that delivers the sound and performance you’ve come to expect from Renkus-Heinz.

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Three Cabinet Angles for Vertical Control
VARIAi 101 full-range models are available in three vertical cabinet angles, 7.5º, 15º and 22.5º allowing vertical coverage to be easily tailored to meet shape and SPL requirements for every venue. 15º and 22.5º cabinets can be used to cover greater vertical angles while 7.5º cabinets provide tighter control.

Five Waveguide Options for Horizontal Coverage
Each cabinet can be ordered with one of five WaveGuides, choose from 60º, 90º or 120º standard WaveGuides or VARIAi’s unique 60º to 90º, or 90º to 120º, Transitional WaveGuides.

Three System Configurations
VARIAi can be configured in three basic system styles:
Modular Point Source Array – For applications with large vertical coverage angles.
Modular Line Array – For applications requiring Line Array throw and performance.
Horizontal Point Source Array – For accurate horizontal coverage built in 22.5º increments.

EASE Focus II Simulation Software

VARIA101i DLL data in EASE and EASE Focus II simulation software tools allows users and system designers to quickly and accurately predict the response of the array.
Simply define the audience areas and you can easily position the array, add or remove cabinets, and adjust its height, location and angle until you achieve the desired results in the simulation.